Monday, July 23, 2012

Hotkeys and Bugs

Playing with the alpha bugs.  A lot of issues go check the bug list if your interested.  Right now it be broke.

For those trying to run off the SVN.  You must rename the prefs.txt to prefs.xml.  That fixes the load issue thanks to FlashNovice for finding this.

Otherworld now has hotkeys.  For some reason though they won't work unless the main flash window loses focus and then regains it.

Main Screen hotkeys

space - next shift
enter - next day
t - town
p - pens
1-6 - rooms 1-6
ctrl -d - debug panel

Text Hotkeys

space - next

Hotkeys always have effects I never expect so please keep a look out for odd results.  Also any others that need to be done.  I will add quest soon.



  1. I just have to ask.. when is the next update gonna be available?

  2. Well it's good to hear that you're getting kinks out of the SVN Alpha release. So are you planning to do a general public Beta Release down the road?

    Also, for some reason I have to say this, but didn't I tell you to stay away from Yamada? I mean she tends to do bad things to you it seems. lol

    I belive that scene was were Yamada used Daisy as a shield becuase of the punch Inami can dish out to anyone.