Sunday, July 8, 2012

Assistants, Assistants, Assistants

Making some large changes to how assistants work.  First off there going to event system no real surprise there.  But the actual set up will be like rooms in that you select the job they are doing and will give a success chance that the assistant will actually do what you do.  (Loyalty + happiness at job + assistant bonus)

So the event call will be assistantNekoWork and that an already thrown flag will show fail or success and events will handle from there.  The event system them matches up checks if it was a success or fail and moves on.

As a side note for the odds of success would you like happy face, sad face, neutral face or just percentages?


You can talk to your assistant now.  Event System handled.


Adding new assistants should be easy though it will always be the first 4 who are the default "lover" assistant.  Assistants will still have tons of flavor and this should actually get more and more detailed.



  1. Percentages would make it easier to know.

  2. both side to side or a option to switch at will would be best.

  3. Percentages, please!

  4. Happy Face, etc which gives you percentages as floating text when you mouse over them.

  5. Faces. As much as I enjoy the good ol' numerical values, for this specific purpose they simply lack flavour.

  6. What you need to do is give us both. One thing that makes a good game good is the abundance of options. So, the best thing to do is set it up as options that the player can enable/disable.

  7. Go with the floating when hover! Primary the faces maybe 4 different. 0-25% / 25-50% / 50-75% and so on
    can be like :( ... :| ... :) ... :D hope you get what i mean ;)

  8. faces. Is assistant loyalty fixed or being fixed as well?

  9. Hrm, at frist I was going to say faces, but I think that could just pave the road towards dissapointment (especially if the faces cover quite a broad range, 25% is too big - there'd need to be faces for every 10% if it were going to have any resemblance of accuracy).

    So I say percentages. It's quick, effective, accurate.. and easy!

  10. If you're going to do smileys, then you should try using multiple components as visual cues. For example, let the eyebrows indicate loyalty (upturned shows loyalty, V-shaped indicates disloyalty) and let the mouth show happiness (obviously smile means happy, frown means sad). Then you can use a color background ranging from red (meaning unlikely to succeed) up to white (meaning equally likely to succeed as to fail) up to green (meaning likely to succeed) with paler reds (actually, pinks) and greens in between indicating varying degrees of likelihood of success.

    Well, that's just an idea anyways. A percentage is more straightforward, but visual cues are useful too.

  11. I'd prefer faces. IMHO you shouldn't be able to read your assistants like a book.
    However, I'd rather see a percentage now than a complicated faces-system that takes two weeks of development time :-)