Monday, January 30, 2012

Max Housing

As a response to compuscribes question. Currently the max is 12 houses. There is also a max room and a max quests. Mainly because I just didn't want to add the additional programming at this points. For 2 reasons I'm lazy and more complications is not very stable script. Yes those additions will have to be added later on but just aren't really necessary right now.


Real Estate Minor Upgrades

Some more updates to the real estate. Fixed a bug where the required actually didn't work... it does now. Also added default rooms so if the haunted house doesn't default to empty rooms but to dark rooms. Pretty simple.

Also as you can tell did a few visual upgrades added frames and the background thanks to Anonymous.

This is about done I'm hoping. Now on to something new and insanely difficult... but I wanted to try so... Going to test out a bit.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Required and Restricted Rooms

One of the oddly most requested options is for houses to get a bit of personality. The first step and the only one in this update is required and restricted rooms.

Required rooms are rooms that come with the house. You can't change them the house is just built that way. So a farm house has a stable.

Restricted rooms are the exact opposite, they can NOT be built in a house. A stable in an apartment building isn't going to work.

I can go into the technical aspects but its just all xml based. And not that complicated as the image above shows. Also if you noticed adding a house itself isn't that difficult. I expect to see dozens on new houses in the next few months...


Saturday, January 28, 2012

More bug fixes then new content...

I think the majority of last night was fixing stuff do to interaction between different shops then anything else. But I got that sorted out and some float over to the real estate shop and started working on required rooms for houses and restricted rooms or I should say I added the parsing for it and that was about it. Something to work on tonight.

Got 1 image suggestion for the background for the real estate office... anyone have any others?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Looking for a Back Ground for the Realtor

I'm looking for a back ground for the Realtor screen. Just not happy with the one above. If anyone has one please send it over. Got the real estate moved into the shop system last night will start playing with adding extra stuff tonight.


Thanks to everyone who suggested new anime series. I am out of Hard Drive space to D/L at this point. But will ask again in a month or so when I have watched everything suggested.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carpenter day 4. Ryouko got fat...

Hmm... may have to fix the Ryouko image with a little padding she looks fat. Anyways carpentry is done, sort of. Everything works and one of the things I have been wanting to fix for months is now fixed. Rooms don't have to offer rest as a default. Up until now rooms were required to have rest as a default or else the game wouldn't know what job to put the girl in if the room changed. That has been fixed so the girls no longer are allowed to sleep in the dungeon.

Now I said that carpentry is done sort of its because now I need to re-do housing again after I just redid it about a month ago. It's a minor change but I'm removing it from a seprate .swf and as part of the shop .swf to make it more in line with the theory that we can have hidden or secret stores or stores in other towns. I always hoped to have 2 more towns, the elf city and a port city at the poles. Anyways shouldn't take to long to make the change and then I'm hoping to do required rooms for certain houses.


I need new anime. Getting desperate about to break out the childrens anime and the stuff from the '80s. So if anyone has a recommended recent, COMPLETED, series. Please suggest it! I have been going through a series ever day for the last month and just am out of new stuff. So please recommend some stuff. --- CLOSED OUT OF HD SPACE


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carpenter Day 3

So lots of little upgrades. XML is now parsed in and the rooms types are built from that xml. (Here is the xml that builds this room.) Be advised that is still a bit tentative as I'm sure I'll figure out more options I need to add. Speaking of adding I added a function that will hide parts of a radio button array showing that the radio button class is just started. As you can tell the buy expansion buttons now work as well. Ain't they cool... Now tonight the buy rooms need to work and that is going to seriously break the main game as changing the room type holders from ints to strings... Also I am going to try to add required rooms that can't be changed depending on the house. Also rooms that can't be built do to the house. Something a lot of people have inquired about.


Was going to stream tonight but I need to burn some dvds and not going to put that huge a load on my computer at the same time so sorry.


"I don't think you would ever understand, Konoha." Received book four from Amazon today, so spent last night re-reading book 3. This dark series has just been getting better and better and with the huge secret reveal in book 3 (I saw it coming... but it was still a maybe now its a certain) which so far has been ignored in book4 instead book 4 seems to be focusing on why Kotobuki is so Tsundere as something I have been wondering about. Anyways soooo... good.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Streaming - Over

Going to do this during the state of the union... as I doubt much else will be on tv tonight.


Thanks to those who participated any thoughts about it? Was pretty dull stuff, but i'm open to do it again if people want too...


Carpenter Day 2

So as you can tell the page has been organized a bit and looks a little better. Changed the radio buttons to make them look a little less ugly.

Speaking of the radio buttons I built a class to build and support them. Which I'm rather proud of so going to put it up on pastebin. I'm sure someone out there will tell me I screwed it up but it does everything I need it to and returns the button position.

XMLing the rooms today, then building a system where houses require or can not be upgraded to certain room types.


Moving on got a request for live streaming... I really don't think people would find coding that interesting. Have watched Fenoxo actually do it a few times and well... was un-impressed. That's not with Fenoxo I pull his game out probably once a month to look for new stuff. I was just un-impressed with watching coding... I mean its coding... But may still give a stream tonight a try I built a channel and tested it out. (Thanks Tyrranus for the assist.) Just for the hell of it. Thats assuming something is on tonight worth watching and programming at the same time. I don't think this will be a regular thing.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Carpenter Day 1

Started working on the carpenter last night... as you can tell it is still in more of a setting up the items changing them from the original arraycontroller function to the ACOW class. And then I got distracted and decided to build a standard radio button class and that was that, its seems like a good idea but building my own universal radio button system needs a bit of thought which makes it interesting so definitely puttering with that.

Tonight maybe more of that...


So fileserve and filesonic are gone... and many of the other ones are banning the USA. Such an interesting world we live in. I'm thinking Mediafire and torrent. But the last few times I tried torrents I failed. We will try again... though probably atleast 2 months before another release. And I think that is optimistic, tons of stuff being changed in the back especially xml housing and carpentry... Which may mean I'm forced to do jobs as well during this upgrade... though the jury is still out on that.


Thanks to Jetset1510, it was "AI love You" which explains why I couldn't think of the anime, it was manga only. Thanks Again that one had been on the tip of my tongue for 1/2 a month.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tattoo finished.. event items...

Okay tattoo is finished now, I think unless something new pops up.

The cool part is that the freeby tattoo is pushed through the event system. See pastebin for the xml. I added a lot of fun stuff to this one command does the check to see if the item exists, add the item, remove the item, refresh the display if necessary. I rather like it and adds a lot of extra stuff to the event system. More fun not sure what I will play with next should work on the stacker but not interested.


As a completely unrelated item. I've been stuck for the last week or two trying to remember an anime where the magical girlfriend think she was a robot uses paints to cook creating wonderful looking food that of course tastes like paint. Also sure there was a scene where this girl was in an art room looking at the paints and commenting what great food she could make with them. That's all I remember and its been nagging at me for a week. Anyone know what series it was?


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tattoo mostly finished

Tattooing mostly works. Small issue that tattoo plans aren't removed... which is a quick clean up tonight. Also spend an hour or so working on an item checking, adding, removing from evesys so the free tattoo will work... which has proved to be rather easy. As some basic notes Player.itemArray has been moved to GameData.itemArray. To allow compiling in local test versions.

Forgot to mention it yesterday but MegaUpload is dead. Not sure which uploader I'm going to use as my back up. Not a big fan of any of there other ones besides media fire. Will be thinking about it.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Tattoo's 1/2 way done

First off I want to thank Mephisto Pheles for an updated version of the cow corset and gloves that fix most of the boob problems. Thank you sir.

Worked last night on the tattoo shop. Got most of the stuff done except for the actual tattooing. Pretty dull to tell you the truth most of it is copy and pasting then updating the code to the newer systems and changing variables. Probably one to two nights left on tattooing before its back working.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pierce working again

Pierce now works, and can be added to any shop if your so inclined... though for now only the jewelry shop will have it by default.

Spent some time last night trying to fix the stacker after I broke it again. And it still doesn't work but its not that interesting either... I may put it on the back burner and work on adding another screen to the rooms... the tattoo shop would be good I think.

It will be another modular add available in all rooms though of course unlikely to be used in more then one.


There is no hope...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little crashes that take forever to figure out.

So I was going to work on piercing and making it actually work last night but then spent an hour plus trying against all hope to find "Cannot display source code at this location." WTF you stupid piece of crap compiler. How does that help me find the problem code... Anyways that ate way to much time. Then played with a few other things to try to clean up some problem areas from importing the town into the main game.

Piercing tonight again maybe.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There was stuff on TV so I got a little done.

First off is that piercing UI is set up and looks okay but I need to actually test it which means running it in the main game. So after killing about 100 new bugs and errors I finally got the main game to compile with the new town...

Then spent an hour trying to get rid of a pesky button... that is still there. I'm going to find it I swear... then move on to working with the town piercing. BTW did I mention that piercing can be added to any store its one xml command... No I don't think I did. Oh well. It was still a night of getting a bunch done.


Not much interest in last nights question. Lots of awnsers, personally I would have accepted any of the following...

My cell phone's camera sucks. Guess that was enough of that have a good day.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Piercing... well its a start

Started working on piercing last night... as you can tell, started is the operative word there... Will keep up the work tonight and hopefully show some results. Not much more that can be said about that.


Gratz to Seip & futuredark with a possible honorable mention to Strade22. You won the prize!

Tonight's question has a lot of answers so please only one to a person.

Question:Name an anime series that was brought to the US and then abandoned mid series. To put it simply DVDs or VHS had to be sold in the US but the anime company then stops production before finishing the series, leaving those who bought the series high and dry, with no way to complete it.

The prize for tonight the true purpose of facebook. Keeping with our pattern of truth.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fixed a bug, got sorting to work using the combo box and a bunch of little things

First off there was a bug with the two sort by prices at the bottom. The odd part of this bug is that it was probably 6 months old and would cause a crash but I never did see a bug report on it. Oh well after an hour of hunting it, there were a lot of large loops that caused issues tracking it down but in the end I was successful (in removing a hard variable declaration that fixed the issue, 3 freaken words took over an hour...).

Got the new sort function to work its actually how nice it works the corner stone is a new function called isItem(item_object, type:String):Boolean basically compares an item object to the list of sorted properties and returns a true false. That got rid of about 10+ functions like isItemAlcohol, isItemFood, isItemLocking, etc... all gone and replaced by one. This also means that someone can go along and add a gun shop make the guns all sorted by a new category they came up with like "guns" or "bullets" and the shop will find them of all the items. So more options...

pastbin of the 6 lines of code if your interested.


So I thought we would do a quiz for the next few days to rack up the Otaku Points. Tonight prize for the first person to get the correct answer. The true purpose of the Internet.

Question:Please name the only Anime TV series that was entirely made up of hour long episodes (40+ minutes)?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sort in XML and Other Stuff

First off if you look over at the sell items they are now displaying more then just the slot based items but expendables and what not. No the items at Cat's Paw won't be these items just testing being able to send in and sell it.

The sorting combo box can now be changed via XML which is pretty cool if it worked right now it only displays stuff. The sort algorithm seems to work at the shops so just a matter of getting it to work with the combo box changes.

Making good progress on the shops might be done with there upgrade in a few days. Got to still do the specialty shops though like tattoo, blacksmith, piercing, etc.

As a side note going on vacation from work come today for the next week to celebrate my birthday so either will get more done or less in the next week. Also may run a few Otaku contests in the next few days to show your Otaku levels.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Pay your bills

So added a bunch of options for different room messages, such as no money or trying to sell a quest item. The correct person will appear based on the xml of the shop and you can set a message or just let it go to a default message, while still displaying the right person... that may need to be tested more.

Also got off my ass and did something I had been contemplating for a few months and added a button on the top menu to reload all the xml. That way some minor change in xml outside the game can be made with out closing an reloading... though it will reset all of the game made variables. Also only did the xmls I am working with will add the rest slowly as I need them.

Reasonably productive night. I need to really start working on the new sorting system and a few other fixes, such as items for sale appearing in other rooms that don't sell stuff.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

More actual work and a question?

Lots of stuff and running now in the test loader. Buy works, updates menu and adds items to the itemArray. Float over works as well. Not bad for a nights work. Sell is on tonight's platter will depend on how much I am distracted by blinking lights. (Ooh there's a pretty light, ooh another blinking light...)

So I was watching the Dirty Pair OAVs last night. (BTW the tv series is much better then the oavs.) And I kept wondering who has bigger eye brows Muhgi or Mugi? Saddly I couldn't make up my mind so I wonder which you guys think has bigger eye brows?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking the Pattern

Got something done last night. Items are now coming into shops. Unfortunately they are still using the old sorting system. But at least it is movement in the right direction.

A bunch of in the background house keeping notes.

Item XML have been moved to libs/otherlib/xml/items/

Item Images have been moved to libs/otherlib/images/ItemImages/

Not really that surprising doing xml goes in the xml folder and that images go in the images folder. Trying to make a more consistent system rather then have 40 folders which was the way that it was going.

Not sure if anything else will get done tonight.


So I was probably a little to critical of a first beta for the HSB Rebirth I just find it a little hard to think that RPG maker will allow a good sim.

Speaking of good sim version of Sim Brothel been playing Sim Brothel 2 the new build is pretty nice. A fun sim I like going around the town giving out lolli pops to MILFS. Still a little rough took me a few hours to figure out how to buy items but love the skill tree system. I might think about stealing such a good GUI idea. My other little issue is that a lot of stuff just isn't defined. Some tool tip help would be great.

Yes I do spent my time playing porn games how ever did you guess?


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yah I see the pattern too

Okay I did start working on the game... and then I saw that Sim Brothel Rebuild had a demo and spent an hour being hugely disappointed by it. Go play it for yourself but it feels like a fail. But that did distract me for long enough until I realized it was time to watch anime for the rest of the night. Anyways... maybe something tonight we shall see.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Another night of nothing

Another night of trying over and over to get something done but never quite accomplishing anything. I have given up on Akane (gratz to lillibilli on that one) And now I'm trying to convince the ever perfect Tomo my air friend to do the programming for me instead. Anyways will keep trying and slowly but steadily get the shops up and running.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

nada night

Got nothing done. So trying to find corpses in my wall and teach them how to program like Akane. (Double Otaku points if you get the reference.) That and spending way too much time reading translated novels, puipui was rather interesting. Too bad only the first novel was translated. Anyways... I got nothing.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gah.... Stacking has to be redone

The way I built stacking is just not going to work. Going to have to make it it's own .swf... more delays. I knew sorting would have to be re-built and that though it looks like its working in the picture its not. So more stuff to do there as well. Overall last night was a good night of playing with stuff and not getting much to show for it. Oh well. More and more to do... starting to feel frustrated. May be time to dust off conquest.


Friday, January 6, 2012

An early market image

And that's all I got done in 3 days... Not much there I admit but working slowly, towards getting the shops to allow items.

The xml looks like this. Not that much different note though that the new sorter category. As I said previously shops will be sorted based upon the sorter category and that new categorys then can be made at any time by anyone creating easy to make shops that display only the goods you want them to display.

Ain't it fun.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feeling a bit better

Feeling a bit better can now look at a monitor or tv for more then 30 minutes with out having to sleep for 4 hours. Still taking today off though. Just not able to face customers feeling this iffy.

Some good positive feedback on the demo. Most everyone got the feel for what I was trying to accomplish with the much more interactive town. That will allow anyone to submit quests and xml them themselves.

Worked a little last night on putting the actual market part of the shops into the shops... a very little I admit. I may take a look at it again tonight or I may just sleep some more.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A bit sick so just got a little xml done last night and then passed out to sleep for 16 hours.

Not much feedback on the new town design. So just going to keep plugging along.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Town Example Download + Some XML Stuff

First off for those who want to try walking around town and visiting with the shop keepers I have a working example. Be advised that a lot of places are still missing text as I slowly XML it in.

Town Demo Mediafire

Now onto other stuff as the example above you will notice that Souseki (I can't spell her name) gives the greeting of the day. Oh but how would she know that? Since days are actually done as integers (1, 2, 3, 4) We would need some way to transfer variables to strings. And now there is a way.

I think its fun... Anyways go play with the demo.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting the parts to work together

Putting the pieces together, making sure that the quests update correctly and that events fire. As you can see they do seem to be working at least for now. Lots of XMLing and trying to make all the stuff happen that I want to happen and testing it out. So far everything seems to be running splendidly almost too well starting to get paranoid.

Most people did not like the idea of requiring someone to walk with you to town. Makes it easier on me, so can't complain.

Working on the guild hall tonight as well, or at least the xml part of it. Also new scripts for the shops.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

The quest book can now update a bit based on the true false event variables. The xml in questions...

I think I played to much Skyrim. But come on that's a lot of fun options all xml based now for questing.

Also more fun 2 of the no names now have names.

The Realtor is now Frannie, if you follow American Politics you might get the joke.
The Blacksmith is now Remmah, that one is a bit to obvious.

Been writing up scripts for talking and visiting places. Lots of new content for the next release as you cruise around town I promise.

Also been thinking of making town only available through personal action jobs and forcing you to take someone with you into town. What does everyone think of that idea? Would make for a lot more girl events, but does restrict play a little and means an even bigger re-write.