Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking the Pattern

Got something done last night. Items are now coming into shops. Unfortunately they are still using the old sorting system. But at least it is movement in the right direction.

A bunch of in the background house keeping notes.

Item XML have been moved to libs/otherlib/xml/items/

Item Images have been moved to libs/otherlib/images/ItemImages/

Not really that surprising doing xml goes in the xml folder and that images go in the images folder. Trying to make a more consistent system rather then have 40 folders which was the way that it was going.

Not sure if anything else will get done tonight.


So I was probably a little to critical of a first beta for the HSB Rebirth I just find it a little hard to think that RPG maker will allow a good sim.

Speaking of good sim version of Sim Brothel been playing Sim Brothel 2 the new build is pretty nice. A fun sim I like going around the town giving out lolli pops to MILFS. Still a little rough took me a few hours to figure out how to buy items but love the skill tree system. I might think about stealing such a good GUI idea. My other little issue is that a lot of stuff just isn't defined. Some tool tip help would be great.

Yes I do spent my time playing porn games how ever did you guess?


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  1. At lest you get some action, I am currently hunting memories in Alice Madness returns. That would be one creepy analogue, with the prime even worse. Luckily it is to complex to program her storiline into any other games.

    Going to wait for new stuff before making a new game in Otherland. I actually managed my Dream, without finishing the last training quest.