Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sort in XML and Other Stuff

First off if you look over at the sell items they are now displaying more then just the slot based items but expendables and what not. No the items at Cat's Paw won't be these items just testing being able to send in and sell it.

The sorting combo box can now be changed via XML which is pretty cool if it worked right now it only displays stuff. The sort algorithm seems to work at the shops so just a matter of getting it to work with the combo box changes.

Making good progress on the shops might be done with there upgrade in a few days. Got to still do the specialty shops though like tattoo, blacksmith, piercing, etc.

As a side note going on vacation from work come today for the next week to celebrate my birthday so either will get more done or less in the next week. Also may run a few Otaku contests in the next few days to show your Otaku levels.


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