Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting the parts to work together

Putting the pieces together, making sure that the quests update correctly and that events fire. As you can see they do seem to be working at least for now. Lots of XMLing and trying to make all the stuff happen that I want to happen and testing it out. So far everything seems to be running splendidly almost too well starting to get paranoid.

Most people did not like the idea of requiring someone to walk with you to town. Makes it easier on me, so can't complain.

Working on the guild hall tonight as well, or at least the xml part of it. Also new scripts for the shops.



  1. when can we expect the game to be finished? so we can play it?

  2. what should I download when using Tortoise? Should it only be those that is found on the /trunk? I'm not good at SVN Downloading.

  3. It seems that Otherworld is working if I add the Otherworld.exe file including those that were found in your Otherworld November MF files, specifically the one in the Assistant/ and People Folder...

    Coz it lacks those .swf files~

    Gonna try it now and see if the game goes smooth~ :D