Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A bit sick so just got a little xml done last night and then passed out to sleep for 16 hours.

Not much feedback on the new town design. So just going to keep plugging along.



  1. Just tried out the new town design—sorry, I assumed that there wasn't an SWF option so I couldn't be of any help.

    I really like all the new locations and images for them (though I assume the photo of the cat on the bench that comes after the storage room is just a placeholder).

  2. holp you feel better

  3. First, I hope you get better soon! Second, I must say I'm impressed by that town demo- I can see a lot of opportunity in having talk buttons and the like for the various shops and places. Imagine the quest possibilities... I may have to try and contribute to this game one of these days...


  4. Take it easy for a while :)

  5. Dialogue seems to autoscroll pretty quick, maybe just Swiff player?

    An error pops up if you hit the side arrows to inspect an area, though I suspect that's just because the correct text hasn't been added in. Similarly, several of the town links just go to the cat shop, but again, probably just because the other areas haven't been finished.

    Utau asks if you're one of them who changes based on the situation, should probably be those. Or possibly the type who changes, etc.

    In her little opening dialogue Sugar says, I believe, "Perry, thrust..." (it goes pretty quick because of the autoscroll thing, should be Parry.

    All that said, I like the general layout and the talk buttons which could be used to get Mew to stfu about the maid every damned time I walk in there looking for an item. Looking like a pretty good start to improved interactivity.

  6. can someone tell me where the newest download for this game is or do we just update as it comes thanks in advance and feel better soon