Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There was stuff on TV so I got a little done.

First off is that piercing UI is set up and looks okay but I need to actually test it which means running it in the main game. So after killing about 100 new bugs and errors I finally got the main game to compile with the new town...

Then spent an hour trying to get rid of a pesky button... that is still there. I'm going to find it I swear... then move on to working with the town piercing. BTW did I mention that piercing can be added to any store its one xml command... No I don't think I did. Oh well. It was still a night of getting a bunch done.


Not much interest in last nights question. Lots of awnsers, personally I would have accepted any of the following...

My cell phone's camera sucks. Guess that was enough of that have a good day.


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