Monday, January 30, 2012

Real Estate Minor Upgrades

Some more updates to the real estate. Fixed a bug where the required actually didn't work... it does now. Also added default rooms so if the haunted house doesn't default to empty rooms but to dark rooms. Pretty simple.

Also as you can tell did a few visual upgrades added frames and the background thanks to Anonymous.

This is about done I'm hoping. Now on to something new and insanely difficult... but I wanted to try so... Going to test out a bit.


1 comment:

  1. You required an actually and it didn't work? The nerve of some actuallies! (Sorry! God knows I make enough typos, myself, but that one struck me as amusing ... but I'm weird, so what do I know?)

    More constructively, can you scroll through the housing options, if the list grows too large? I remember that being a question earlier, and since you've now confirmed that the houses will, in fact, have distinct advantages/disadvantages when compared to one another (in the required/prohibited room types), it's a serious issue, now. Given almost endlessly customizable housing configuration options, the list of potential real-estate offerings is almost guaranteed to grow large too large to fit on a single screen, if not before the next release, then certainly once the modders get their hands on the game.

    I'm sure this has already occurred to you. I just ask because the sample screen shot only shows 5 houses, so we can't tell, from there, and it doesn't hurt to be sure.