Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fixed a bug, got sorting to work using the combo box and a bunch of little things

First off there was a bug with the two sort by prices at the bottom. The odd part of this bug is that it was probably 6 months old and would cause a crash but I never did see a bug report on it. Oh well after an hour of hunting it, there were a lot of large loops that caused issues tracking it down but in the end I was successful (in removing a hard variable declaration that fixed the issue, 3 freaken words took over an hour...).

Got the new sort function to work its actually how nice it works the corner stone is a new function called isItem(item_object, type:String):Boolean basically compares an item object to the list of sorted properties and returns a true false. That got rid of about 10+ functions like isItemAlcohol, isItemFood, isItemLocking, etc... all gone and replaced by one. This also means that someone can go along and add a gun shop make the guns all sorted by a new category they came up with like "guns" or "bullets" and the shop will find them of all the items. So more options...

pastbin of the 6 lines of code if your interested.


So I thought we would do a quiz for the next few days to rack up the Otaku Points. Tonight prize for the first person to get the correct answer. The true purpose of the Internet.

Question:Please name the only Anime TV series that was entirely made up of hour long episodes (40+ minutes)?



  1. I did *find* the answer (or *an* answer, at least) rather easily, but I won't post it unless nobody else seems able, since I didn't know it without having to resort to Google. To prove I did find it, though, I'll give a quick excerpt from the Wikipedia page:

    "______ is an original anime series created by Genco and OLM, Inc. and directed by Naohito Takahashi."

  2. Then there's at least 2 different ones, I wasn't aware of the one referenced above but I know another as well.

  3. Hi,
    call findItemInCompare(item_object) outside for and store the result isn´t a way to minimize cpu use?

  4. How long does it have to be to qualify for Anime TV series? - KATANAGATARI has a total of 12 45min Episodes iirc