Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tattoo mostly finished

Tattooing mostly works. Small issue that tattoo plans aren't removed... which is a quick clean up tonight. Also spend an hour or so working on an item checking, adding, removing from evesys so the free tattoo will work... which has proved to be rather easy. As some basic notes Player.itemArray has been moved to GameData.itemArray. To allow compiling in local test versions.

Forgot to mention it yesterday but MegaUpload is dead. Not sure which uploader I'm going to use as my back up. Not a big fan of any of there other ones besides media fire. Will be thinking about it.



  1. i agree about megaupload. they had the most reliable high bandwidth for free users.
    R.I.P. Megaupload

    my favorite for at least 4 months now is rapidshare though. no waiting time EVER and much more bandwidth for free users than every other hoster out there (about 3000kb - i don't know faster hosters). also i never got a file i had to redownload there (same at megaupload). but i think that depends on the servers and your location. rapidshare is located pretty close to me. users from far away don't seem to be that satisfied with rapidshare

  2. rapidshare sux im a free user and i can only download from it with about 30-100kb/s.

    Use multiupload it uploads to several places at once.

  3. To myself, rapidshare is a very good option, usually downloading at 300kb... and i live in Argentina... so the common download speed usually stands at 3MB, or 5 at best cases...

  4. I also think that repidshare or mediafire is the best options since both of them has no w8ing times and are fast to download from. Dont know about the 30-100 kb/s speed the guy 2 posts above is talking about i get around 5-6 mb/s from most sites as free user including rapidshare and medafire.