Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maybe a day behind

Got the text up and out to the editors.

Got the sex acts up but untested.

Still working on the indexing and some bug testing. Overall just about there may need 1 more day. I'm not sure what more I can say and to tell you the truth need to get back to working on the sex acts since I cant test them at work. Catch you tomorrow.


New text document on the boards.

Quick Update new script up on the boards.

Thanks to all editors.

Please post any edits on the board thread for it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9 new jobs done.

SGU marathon let me get all of the planned normal jobs in. Still need to do the sex jobs. Text is a bit blah... as are the gains but it works. Was also able to rewrite how jobs are added to the main screen dropping the number of lines needed to be added for a new job from about 40 to 1. Obviously another "what was I thinking" moment. But you don't want to here me ramble about code, you want screen shots. Yes there are issues with layering... but I think I finally figured out how to fix them, I was going at it backwards, and will probably spend the majority of tonight re-layering(indexing) everything.



9 new jobs added
3 classes now learnable farm, artist, muscian
function placeJobsinRoom has been rebuilt and is now about 500 lines shorter what the hell was I thinking?
new function placeJobsinRoomXY fed by placeJobsinRoom

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adding jobs and other gunk

Working on images for the new jobs. I need a few scuptur pics if anyone has any of a girl working with clay, thats anime style please post them I need them. Other then that should have all the images in tonight.


SGU premier tonight and the repeat of all episodes is actually pushing me to work on otherworld while I wait. Expect a bit larger update tomorrow.


added images

added realtor first text

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mikuru BEAM~!

Redcape releases another one! The ever popular kawaii-big breasted-maid Mikuru. With the star shaped mole on her breast. Lets face it she needs no more introduction.


Carpenter is up and running, just playing with the mouse over help. Undone list before the october release.

Undone List:

Quests - Ryouko's Curse
People - Real Estate Agent
Job - Practice Music
Job - Practice Dance
Job - Practice Instrument
Job - Tit Fuck
Job - Fingering
Job - Masturbate
Text - Mouse Over Room
Text - Mouse Over Carpenter
Real Estate - Reset rooms when New Homes are purchased
Bug - There apears to be a weird interaction when changing rooms and the jobs they have assigned to the new job list.
Bug - Final checks

If time permits:

Job - Practice Painting
Job - Practice Drawing -> think this will be changed to Drafting
Job - Practice Sculpting
Job - Pony Mimicry
Job - Cow Mimicry
Job - Pig Mimicry

Otherwise those will be empty rooms with no jobs.


Worked on Capenter
updated character creation buttons

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rooms again and Carpenter

Our new carpenter... laugh included.

The new improved carpenter screen, it looks off balance to me... but workable. My main bitch is I want a more graphic way to represent the room expansion. Maybe blocks in a row... if you have an idea please post it.

I know, I said, I was done with the room screen and then of course added some more. Tasks will be cumulative projects or daily projects dependent on the room. I think examples are needed: Milk parlor sells milk. Artist Studio, paints a portrait, would take a week or two. Does that make sense, probably not.

---------off Topic----------

Damn it, this would make a great hentai sim game. And its real? WTF?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ranka and Rooms

Once again Redcape has released a new slave Ranka, from Macross Frontier. He keeps on pushing them out and we're all the better for it. Also he has updated a few of the previous releases for a full list go here:

Last night sucked at work and got almost nothing done. But close to a final version of the room screen now. Only major modifications that come to mind will be to change the "Items" label to a Furniture button later on that will go to a house item screen... not going to do it this update.

Some actual stat programming and adding in jobs tonight. Hopefully will get the rooms finished, and then onto making the carpenter.


Friday, September 24, 2010

More rooms, now with Yoko

Once again Redcape has released a new slave, the infamous Yoko. He is so on a roll and promising even more. Get it here:

Another day another first look at the new room screens. Davealooba sort of let the cat out of the bag I wasn't going to display the stables until I had the jobs set up for it. Oh well...

I would really like suggestions on Internal Security (chance to escape) and External Defense (Chance for stuff to attack from the outside... yay tentacles). Just don't really like those phrases if anyone has any better suggestions.

Items will NOT be in this release. Thinking to have a seprate item array for these and a max of just 4 items per a room. Like a bed, easil, metal rings, wooden pony, desk, running out of ideas but sure will have more when the time comes around, and that these items will be able to add extra jobs to the room as well as change there defense and security. Like I said definitly not in this release only 6 days to go... 6 days! Panic!


put in RedCapes new buttons for character screen
added redcapes foxes tail
added new job instrument
updated listeners
added new room bars external defense, internal security

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First look at rooms... and Horo YAY!

First off tonight RedCape made a Horo slave. One of my all time favorite anime characters, (Get the novels there worth it). Thanks to RedCape and that makes 3 slaves in 3 days. Increasing the total number now to 11 slaves, 11!

First look at the ugly room screens. Still haven't decided if I want to do furniture or not that will act like daily effects... doable and interesting but will be a time drain. Either way this should make setting up a room's daily tasks faster and easier. Note that different rooms give different jobs, and the set up for these is pretty easy allowing lots of rooms to be made. (It takes longer to make a job then a room.) Will have more room images tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New slaves, new images

So while I was having a lazy weekend RedCape was out building slaves. Lala and Mari to be exact. Go check them out.

Makinami Mari from Evangelion v0.1:

Lala v0.2:

Remeber you will need to have the current open source version to run these slaves.

All I did was add more images... 47 this weekend... so much for being lazy.


changed charOrihime1Nude hopefully wont be so squat or messed up from now on.
menace.menace1TitFuckJob - Look Alike and then 2/3 will go to generic

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adding Images

Like I said a lazy day, just added images that I can't add at work.


added images
fixed a bug with the generic lockdown 1 image


Monday, September 20, 2010

Character screen done on to Rooms

Worked out the last of the bugs with the character screen... I think. (We all know more will appear.) ON to the rooms. Adding back images specific to each room, as well as the ability to set all of the rooms jobs in an entire day with out having to re-access the room for every shift to change room jobs. Also of course room specific jobs. Probably will have some images in a few days... I'm on weekend now, and it was a long week.


bug - negative status bars on character screen not starting in the right place - fixed
bug - item + stat status bars not working correctly - seems fine now - fixed
----------Character Screen Finished... sure it has bugs ------------
added image roomStables, roomEmpty, roomMusic
new function showCurrentRoomJobs just shows what each room is doing for the entire day to move the room screen more towards the same system as the icon
new function placeCurrentRoomJobs the actual part that shows the icons
new function dayJobsRadioButton
new function dayRadioButtonClick

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Character screen now with Super Items

Now with Redcape's items... actually looking like a profesional game. Slight bug with negative stats if you noticed. Other then that, think were about done with the character screen and can go play with something else.


Fixed item positioning for new character screen
fixed drag and drop positioning for new character screen
changed all items to RedCape's versions
modified stripgirl() points will now 0 out.
bugs - some items are disapearing on the stripgirl funciton - ah its the double item slots... bet this was screwed up on the saving and loading functions as well - hmm actually was a small variable screw up with the stripping part - fixed
bug - wtf blacksmith is only showing most left items - nm all of the shops are doing it now ;_; - added new alignment variable for player screen didnt add it to the shop screen - fixed
bug - warnings not showing on blacksmith screen - fixed
bug - mouse over is not working on branding scene for empty slots - fixed - .pngs must die

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stripping girls... no longer will happen

I always bet on the girl with a septre.

So one of the things that has bugged me and everyone else is that girls are stripped when changing classes... thats no longer the case. Using some of the code from the saving and loading, the girls items to strip and then put the clothes back on immediatly. This fixes the problem of items not updating stat changes when classes are changed, the main reason for the class stripping before. Yay.


reindexed the character screen so the labels don't fall behind.
reindexed the shops some of the buttons were falling behind again.
added sort buttons to shops
slight mods to sort algorithim to work with the shops
shops can now be sorted
updated float over text
pretty much happy with the current character screen
new function stripgirltrue, actually renaming of the old one stripgirl to this
girls items will no longer be removed when changing classes - this was a long time coming
updated game text to reflect that items are no longer removed.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Character screen about done

Sorting works, I thought it would take a couple days... it took a little over an hour. Either I'm getting better or luckier. Character Screen is about done now... just need to do some debugging and text labeling. Hopefully will be able to add new content starting tomorrow.

BTW Rightstuf has pre-orders of the Queens Blade first Season blue rays on sale 25% off. Menace gets an entire episode in the first season as she tries to turn Leina into one of her servants.... ^.^ There is something about queen's blade that is just lovely and for what could have been a terrible TV series was actually fun to watch. But how come Menace isn't on the cover?!?!


new function playerItemListenersAdd add the listeners to the items in the player array... just breaking down the componets to make the sorting easier.
new function playerItemPlacing add the items to the character screen... breaking down the componets more
now that the componet parts of the placing items are broken down... and the normal version is still working should be a bit easier to make the sorters. with those componets.
new function itemCheckSorting just does internal checks on which global sort is up
sorting appears to work in every circumstance i can think of.
new buttons Stats, General, Combat for character screen
added tabs to the top to allow more girl information to be displayed
resized girl images and moved there axis
fixing the bug of small stats screwing up the stat bars - fixed
new girl variables:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sorting... sucks!

Working on the sorting system... breaking it down into little tiny parts to get it up and running. But there are 3 different versions that have to be made 1-20, middle (21-40, 41-60, etc) - odd end number (61-64, 21-32, etc). Its going to take a day or two.


Character Screen Upgrade
made place items in character item screen and character shop screen use same function to make the sorting easier
bug - some intresting crash errors - page size - fixed
bug - items not showing on 2nd and 3rd page - modulo issues with even 20s - fixed
bug - page back is not working - fixed
These all had to do with modulo even 0s over 20. Not surprising probably wasnt tested with 40 or 60 items.
new functions checkIfItemIsAItemItem checkIfItemIsAQuestItem checkIfItemIsAEquipItem

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lazy Day

Lazy day, blame Redcape and Recettear (pronouced Racketeer). 80k by the third week is killer!

New Nana to Kaoru go get it at Exks like usual.

Work tonight so should get a ton done, focusing on character screen and the sorting system.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another day...

Small changes to the character the screen again. Since I don't want to remake the screen again any time soon, adding the item sorting this time around. One of the most requested options on the boards, and a smart plan at that. Now to figure out how to sort it.

Also I think I finally fixed the wrong information showing up on the auction screen bug. Once I found out how to replicate the bug it fell with in an hour or so... and was just a faulty if statement. *sigh*

Moving on Looking for a good free non-hentai sim game. Slightly bored now that I'm pretty much done with Trinity Universe. 71% of trophies gained and the rest just time consuming and boring. So if you have a good game to recommend please post, I need something to do rather then being so bored as to work on Otherworld even on my days off from work.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Remaking the character screen...

The new character screen...

Redcape's vision

How much I got done so far. ***NOT FINAL or FINISHED***

I actually prefered his flip of the items and stats... but the fact is that I need all the space I can get for stats, and with the exit button ALWAYS on the right there just wasn't enough room. Effects are a little smaller now as well but I think still recognizable 18px to 12px.

Time consuming for 2 reasons, one is that some of it comes down to a pixel or 2 placement and for that I have to keep re-building the game and eye balling it. Which eats time like you wouldn't believe.

The other major thing is that the tricks that I know to use now... I didn't use on this screen as it was the second one I really made.

Basically now a days I make all the spacing and items using the x y mathematically rather then just placing the numbers. And so updating the system to get that to work and make further modifications much easier.... probably need an example.

The older system that requires adjustment every time to make a modification:

label0.x = 25;
label0.y = 25;

label1.x = 25;
label1.y = 50;

label2.x = 25;
label2.y = 75;

so if i wanted to change x I would have to change every one in the list, time consuming.


The new system that makes adjustments quickly.

var xStart:int = new int(25);
var yStart:int = new int(25);
var ySpacing:int = new int(25);

label0.x = xStart;
label0.y = yStart;

label1.x = xStart;
label1.y = yStart + ySpacing;

label2.x = xStart;
label2.y = yStart + (ySpacing * 2);

Change one spot and they all change.

Really simple trick but I didn't use it at the start... but now that I have fought the system its a standard. A whole bunch of people are like well duh right now. And I agree, but experience teaches better then theoretical.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Debugged release 2

Most of the bugs are dead, long live the bugs. No new content just fixes some of the bugs that were giving a few too many different issues. There will NOT be another bug release until after the October release.

Release to the left.


bug - Sometimes anal sex training gives the blowjob message - hmm job text 68 & 69 were used 2x.. - fixed
reported - Got a new frozen town screen. This time, instead of just the background picture, the buttons are all there (minus the Home button), but all the buttons are grayed out. Nothing clickable.- hoping this was fixed with the town re-indexing - unable to reproduce
bug - pens warning missing background - probably the old direct text that I didn't update - fixed
bug - wrong assistant shown on assistant screen -
reported - The starting house has a mis-count on the slaves vs. rooms. With 5 slaves, 2 master beds and three ordinary ones, it won't let me check the fifth slave out of the pens because of a lack of rooms. - i think this is the fact that is counted by number of assistants now so for 2 masterbedrooms require 2 assistants. and someone has to be guarding the hall at all times - working as expected
reported - Sorry about spamming the bug report like this: jut had a class change that stripped by slave of all her items. When I went to get them replaced the blacksmith couldn't refasten one of her nipple rings. The other one worked just fine, oddly enough. - unable to reproduce
reported - - the third assistant slot along the top: on shifts three and four the girl often docks incorrectly when dropped onto the square. She tends to be half in the box and half hidden by the health & happiness icons - I have seen this before but have no idea at present what is causing it, and can reproduce it enough to figure out the cause - unable to reproduce
bug - If you have girls in different rooms for different shifts, and then choose "Next Day", the girls' position doesn't seem to update as the shift changes. - next day isn't updating everything all the time any more as a fix to another issue... - okay this is fixed but it is a large change doesn't seem to be breaking anything - fixed
reported - The first is that when you lose an auction, you still lose the money you bid. - can't replicate
-----------------thats all reported bugs again-----------------------------

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tired of bugs...

Tired of bugs, really wanted to start putting in new stuff. Got the pics for the room types, got the rooms set up and now more game crashing bugs are being reported. Son of a Bitch... oh well got to just keep on trying to fix them.


bug - Seems that the accessory store isn't working. The buy option never appears - it will now - fixed
board suggestion - Also - are there supposed to be tattoos available in the tattoo shop? I've never seen any for sale - modified text and now will get a free tattoo if you bring a slave by the tattooer
bug - tattoo will left page even when less then 20 in array... also should add gray outs. character screen will also return to 100%alpha - fixed
bug - accessory shop not showing left and right at all neither is jewelry... the ones with the new background - fixed
bug - cant change assistant buttons... this has to be a wide label - fixed
reported - Happiness goes from 0 to 100 in one shift with the assitant training "welfare" [edit] ... but only sometimes. *sigh* - can't reproduce checked all code can't figure out how this could happen - unable to replicate
bug - The princess just changed her class, and for some reason the shift didn't advance. In fact any time a girl gains a class it seems to freeze time. - ibet this has something to do with my changing how choice text works. - yep - fixed
bug - now sugar doesn't pierce text correctly - fixed
bug - The shop was OK, but when I returned to the town screen, half the buttons had vanished including the "Home" button, which is pretty much a show-stopper - this entire page is now indexed - should never happen again - fixed
bug - It's possible to "use" quest items so they disappear. On the bright side, it's possible to get them again so it's not a major bug. - fixed
bug - quest items can be sold at stores - not any more - fixed
bug - class 2 can not be selected - fixed
bug - Assistant training lables say "class 1" and "class", rather than "class 2" in the second instance. - i hate labels - fixed

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stll some bugs...

Still getting too many bug reports will probably do one more debugged release. And here I thought I had finally gotten everything at least to playable. Seems like most of the issues are layering issues again as well.

modified character screen with new item icons
added background to character screen
new item Kazoo
new character variables charRoom1Type - charRoom6Type
removed a ton of redundant code from rooms... not sure what i was doing when i made it.
new icons musicJob1-6
rewriting quite a bit on how rooms work so that certain jobs are available and some are not.
new function roomWhore, roomCleaning, roomMusic, roomSleep, roomLockdown
new function hideRadioButtonsFull
okay room building is now much more flexible.... can assign jobs now that are more class specific training depending on type of room.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Debugged Release

Well here it is very slow took almost the first 1/3 of a month.... oh well. Think I got most of the bugs, though I'm sure that some slipped through. Saving and loading no longer crashes the game, but its not working very well for assistants. Other then that... enjoy.

Down load links are to your left.


bug - background lost again this time with 0 slaves but one in the pen paging through the day - fixed
auction buttons scrutched - fixed
reported - 4) With two slaves in the original house, I tried to have one in lock down (Menace archetype) and one in personal training (Orihime) for the morning shift and the message about the house being clean popped up, but when I click next, it doesn't proceed with the girls' trainings and just moves me back to the house screen with no change in time. I moved the Orihime archetype off of personal training and put her in lock down as well, and the shift progressed like normal. - unable to replicate this may have been part of the skip personal training issue previously resolved
board suggestion - In the Jewelry Store, clicking on Piercing should really have confirmation, like purchasing requires you to click the buy button. - seriously modified how choice text works - i have a feeling i just created more bugs then removed. - added
reported - 30) [molenir] In the walkthrough, going to the Pens, and selecting purchased slave, then returning home, tells you to go to the pens in order to pick up your slave. Doing so, and then returning will allow the walkthrough to continue.- unable to replicate
bug - 31) [molenir] In walkthrough, after clicking on the slave, clicking on the collar gives you rare item dialog. But not really visible as the shaded box disappears for that text. - i got a rare item text - the fix for this was so stupid - fixed
reported - 34) [molenir] After 2 days auction block stops working, no talk, no slaves appear, may have to do with quest given through there - unable to replicated
bug - 36) Three girls owned (one Menace, two Sabers), House screen: Third room in original house is not allowing me to assign the girl any task. I enter the assigning screen, and there's no mark on any of the task... it does appear when I choose which task to assign a girl, but when I return to the House Screen, the task remains set to rest regardless of which girl or task I try to set. - bet i never put this code in - fixed
text editing - A virbrating phallus pushed into the slaves vagina. - A vibrating phallus that will be pushed the slave's vagina.- fixed
bug - In the icon changing screen the radio box for Artist is slightly bigger. - fixed
reported - 1) Girl's pictures on the auction block often don't correspond with their archetype. - unable to reproduce and it has been reported a few times....
bug - saved game has no background - fixed
played with saving and loading - think its working but no saving of assistants

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nothing today

Work called and I got nothing done. Should get a bunch done tonight put on a new account that gets one four minute call a day on average for an 8 hour shift. Thats a great job.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rena and Haruhi

So I spent some time and got Rena and Haruhi up and running (made by ryrain and flagnine1 respectivily) They were pretty good just needed some twinking. The main thing I noticed was that the:

girlPicMiniTotal:10, //always subtract one total number of mini pics

seems to confuse everyone it was also broken with Saber... Going to have to make a most asked question faq or something for slave making.

Anyways to down load the two slaves

remeber you have to rebuild the base program from the open source... which not sure if it even works. Need to update the open source.


And then I realized that there isn't an open source able to handle the new minis.


Monday, September 6, 2010

New Nana to Kaoru

New Nana to Kaoru in the summer series. Get it as usual from Exks Translations.

Yes I'm trying to distract you guys from the fact that all I did last night was play trinity universe. Lazy day, but now in the top 200.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sorry I couldn't resist this mezmerizing image. Yes I stole it from 4dawgz.

More bug stomping.


bug - radio buttons in counter wrong size after going to switching icon screen - fixed
new function resetRadioButtonSize
bug - labels in real estate wrong color - fixed
balancing - piercing is now only 5gp - tattooing now costs 50gp - normal rooms 200gp master bedrooms 300gp
bug - On inventory screen prev and next buttons displayed on top and bottom, but neither works. - these are now alpha dimmed out when inventory is less then 20 - fixed
bug - On inventory screen Home button barely seen. - moved it a bit the entire girl screen needs to be reworked - fixed not really
balancing - board suggestion - trainer (2x) and assistant (1.5x) now get a bonus when training the slave
new function factorRaise
new variable playerCharacter.charWhoOnDeck
board suggestion - assistants can now train class 1 or class 2 - this will be cleaned and changed later on i hope
saber's sleep wasn't worksafe it is now
bug - In the evening, shops are not closed. - they are now - fixed
bug - Some time the text boxes shading is not showing. - this seems to happen when you do an entire day training and at the event holder - fixed
bug - assistant name is coming up when doing daily events - was using the old charAsName - fixed
bug - for some god awful reason the quest button is floating in front of the text screen - reindexed to 20 seems fine - fixed
bug - Seems that after a bit of training, that personal training doesn't work. happened on day 4 morning - and day 5 morning - hmm seems to have something to do with the do nothing button - removed - did 15 days no issues - fixed
bug - repeat job button crashed game - ooh an external index haven't seen one of those in a while - fixed
bug - re-indexed pimp the girl was falling behind - fixed
bug - The big thing I noticed is that with a Saber archetype, the option to later buy more slaves vanished. Half the time their pictures were still there, but the only button still visible was the return to town one. - think this was an issue with the white space that fixed earlier - if not unable to reproduce
bug - The sanity icon is incorrect. - no idea why but sanity and nymph were on top of each other - fixed
bug - sex2 icon is large iconchanger - was 32 supposed to be 25 - fixed
bug - Coin quest is displayed in a light text. This is rather hard to read with that background. Suggest either darker background for the book, or changing the text color to be darker for the quests. - unable to reproduce or already fixed - fixed
bug - background lost again this time with 0 slaves but one in the pen paging through the day -

Saturday, September 4, 2010


More bug killing.


bug - hmm had 1 slave and she kept falling out of the room - hmm bet its a pen's issue - findAnOpenSpotToBeMovedTo() was only checking for morning - fixed
bug - The roll-over text for "Name" label is that for hero and the roll-over text for the "assistant's Name" label is the text for harem. - fixed
bug - lounge gives odd responses to mouse over - fixed
new assistant variable AssistantArray[0].asMouseText for mouse over.
bug - pierce ears is the wrong color - fixed
bug - adding backgrounds to the rest of the screens - this is causing some of the other stuff to fall behind re-indexing - Some of the shops backgrounds aren't showing up.- fixed
bug - gold is wrong color in jewelry shop - fixed
organized symbols
bug - Sometime the collar name is showing up in white lettering. - can't be anything but black now - fixed
bug - Saber's age is wrong (same as menaces) - think swordwind is updating this too - fixed
bug - After training assistant resets and slave goes to top left of screen.- fixed with the pens fixed above i think - fixed
bug - Lounge 4th slot off color text, and buy buttons are different sizes. - button size is now fixed - these are just temporary and will be changed later on.- color is now fixed - text is no longer cut off - fixed
bug - Only original assistant have price and name. - fixed
bug - Regardless of what you name your assistant, the game chooses a random one. tried with all types. - fixed
board suggestion - total bid is now "The current bid is now:"
board suggestion - Total bid has its own box now
edit - This girl is inasne: Broken - fixed
bug - raido buttons in counter wrong size after going to switching icon screen -
new function resetButtonSize

Friday, September 3, 2010


Was making good progress till work called, oh well will work on it again tonight. It still looks like a reasonable list for a night.


bug - town screen is on top of everything - fixed
bug - menace loses no health if meeting anarista - fixed
bug - assistant screen color changes tex size etc - fixed

bug - repeat button available with nothing to repeat personalized training - crap was using charMorning as both the room placement and the job repeat - fixed
new variables playerCharacter.charMorningRepeat, playerCharacter.charAfternoonRepeat, playerCharacter.charEveningRepeat, playerCharacter.charNightRepeat
bug - blacksmith screen has 2 town icons - fixed
bug - Walk-through still mentions assistant training as to be implemented later.- fixed
bug - Assistant pimping your slave does not lose virginity. - fixed
bug - slideshowbackground is appearing for no reason in work safe mode - hmm dragging start y is being changed - definitly an issue with the worksafe as well - possibly shildeShowFormatJob( - jobClean( definity from slideShowFormat(pic) - just why?? - nulls are evil - fixed
bug - Your current gold is not being shown in the auction house. - fixed
bug - white slide show is still showing on the auciton block - fixed
oops assistant training wern't work safe - fixed
Reported - Lock doesn't lower health - working as expected
bug - sv.girlTempNumber 3 line 813 failed after purchasing a saber slave and coming back okay any slave second time is failing... - oops had 10+ girls - fixe can not have more then 10 now...
update - may want to add an additional fake girl so going to the auction hall wont crash the game if you own 11 by a forced quest push. - added
bug - hmm had 1 slave and she kept falling out of the room - hmm bet its a pen's issue


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starting Debugging ~ September

That's not a bug, I created!

Thanks to all those who made bug reports. I will start on them tonight. Hopefully it won't take 6 days like last time... ;_;

On another note, please vote for what you want the most in the October release, so I can sort of walk towards that direction.

October Poll


For those wanting to motivate me, please check out my motivation... no this is not a request for money.



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Release

New Title Screen:

New Updated Interface:

New assistant jobs, rooms, and homes.

And a whole lot of bugs you have been warned.

Download links are to the left.