Monday, September 27, 2010

Mikuru BEAM~!

Redcape releases another one! The ever popular kawaii-big breasted-maid Mikuru. With the star shaped mole on her breast. Lets face it she needs no more introduction.


Carpenter is up and running, just playing with the mouse over help. Undone list before the october release.

Undone List:

Quests - Ryouko's Curse
People - Real Estate Agent
Job - Practice Music
Job - Practice Dance
Job - Practice Instrument
Job - Tit Fuck
Job - Fingering
Job - Masturbate
Text - Mouse Over Room
Text - Mouse Over Carpenter
Real Estate - Reset rooms when New Homes are purchased
Bug - There apears to be a weird interaction when changing rooms and the jobs they have assigned to the new job list.
Bug - Final checks

If time permits:

Job - Practice Painting
Job - Practice Drawing -> think this will be changed to Drafting
Job - Practice Sculpting
Job - Pony Mimicry
Job - Cow Mimicry
Job - Pig Mimicry

Otherwise those will be empty rooms with no jobs.


Worked on Capenter
updated character creation buttons


  1. that hunter's tail item needs to cost a whole lot more then 25 for all those bonuses. So when do we get to see slave pairings like mikuru and haruhi or mio and mugi?

  2. This is just one lowly opinion but I think the jobs for the rooms should be worked out before the release since the theme of this monthly edition is the cool rooms and the stuff you can do with them. I would be content at least if the release was delayed couple days if it meant that all the planned/wanted options were included instead of waiting for the next update.

    Again, who the heck am I?