Friday, September 10, 2010

Stll some bugs...

Still getting too many bug reports will probably do one more debugged release. And here I thought I had finally gotten everything at least to playable. Seems like most of the issues are layering issues again as well.

modified character screen with new item icons
added background to character screen
new item Kazoo
new character variables charRoom1Type - charRoom6Type
removed a ton of redundant code from rooms... not sure what i was doing when i made it.
new icons musicJob1-6
rewriting quite a bit on how rooms work so that certain jobs are available and some are not.
new function roomWhore, roomCleaning, roomMusic, roomSleep, roomLockdown
new function hideRadioButtonsFull
okay room building is now much more flexible.... can assign jobs now that are more class specific training depending on type of room.

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