Friday, September 24, 2010

More rooms, now with Yoko

Once again Redcape has released a new slave, the infamous Yoko. He is so on a roll and promising even more. Get it here:

Another day another first look at the new room screens. Davealooba sort of let the cat out of the bag I wasn't going to display the stables until I had the jobs set up for it. Oh well...

I would really like suggestions on Internal Security (chance to escape) and External Defense (Chance for stuff to attack from the outside... yay tentacles). Just don't really like those phrases if anyone has any better suggestions.

Items will NOT be in this release. Thinking to have a seprate item array for these and a max of just 4 items per a room. Like a bed, easil, metal rings, wooden pony, desk, running out of ideas but sure will have more when the time comes around, and that these items will be able to add extra jobs to the room as well as change there defense and security. Like I said definitly not in this release only 6 days to go... 6 days! Panic!


put in RedCapes new buttons for character screen
added redcapes foxes tail
added new job instrument
updated listeners
added new room bars external defense, internal security

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