Saturday, September 4, 2010


More bug killing.


bug - hmm had 1 slave and she kept falling out of the room - hmm bet its a pen's issue - findAnOpenSpotToBeMovedTo() was only checking for morning - fixed
bug - The roll-over text for "Name" label is that for hero and the roll-over text for the "assistant's Name" label is the text for harem. - fixed
bug - lounge gives odd responses to mouse over - fixed
new assistant variable AssistantArray[0].asMouseText for mouse over.
bug - pierce ears is the wrong color - fixed
bug - adding backgrounds to the rest of the screens - this is causing some of the other stuff to fall behind re-indexing - Some of the shops backgrounds aren't showing up.- fixed
bug - gold is wrong color in jewelry shop - fixed
organized symbols
bug - Sometime the collar name is showing up in white lettering. - can't be anything but black now - fixed
bug - Saber's age is wrong (same as menaces) - think swordwind is updating this too - fixed
bug - After training assistant resets and slave goes to top left of screen.- fixed with the pens fixed above i think - fixed
bug - Lounge 4th slot off color text, and buy buttons are different sizes. - button size is now fixed - these are just temporary and will be changed later on.- color is now fixed - text is no longer cut off - fixed
bug - Only original assistant have price and name. - fixed
bug - Regardless of what you name your assistant, the game chooses a random one. tried with all types. - fixed
board suggestion - total bid is now "The current bid is now:"
board suggestion - Total bid has its own box now
edit - This girl is inasne: Broken - fixed
bug - raido buttons in counter wrong size after going to switching icon screen -
new function resetButtonSize

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