Sunday, September 12, 2010

Debugged release 2

Most of the bugs are dead, long live the bugs. No new content just fixes some of the bugs that were giving a few too many different issues. There will NOT be another bug release until after the October release.

Release to the left.


bug - Sometimes anal sex training gives the blowjob message - hmm job text 68 & 69 were used 2x.. - fixed
reported - Got a new frozen town screen. This time, instead of just the background picture, the buttons are all there (minus the Home button), but all the buttons are grayed out. Nothing clickable.- hoping this was fixed with the town re-indexing - unable to reproduce
bug - pens warning missing background - probably the old direct text that I didn't update - fixed
bug - wrong assistant shown on assistant screen -
reported - The starting house has a mis-count on the slaves vs. rooms. With 5 slaves, 2 master beds and three ordinary ones, it won't let me check the fifth slave out of the pens because of a lack of rooms. - i think this is the fact that is counted by number of assistants now so for 2 masterbedrooms require 2 assistants. and someone has to be guarding the hall at all times - working as expected
reported - Sorry about spamming the bug report like this: jut had a class change that stripped by slave of all her items. When I went to get them replaced the blacksmith couldn't refasten one of her nipple rings. The other one worked just fine, oddly enough. - unable to reproduce
reported - - the third assistant slot along the top: on shifts three and four the girl often docks incorrectly when dropped onto the square. She tends to be half in the box and half hidden by the health & happiness icons - I have seen this before but have no idea at present what is causing it, and can reproduce it enough to figure out the cause - unable to reproduce
bug - If you have girls in different rooms for different shifts, and then choose "Next Day", the girls' position doesn't seem to update as the shift changes. - next day isn't updating everything all the time any more as a fix to another issue... - okay this is fixed but it is a large change doesn't seem to be breaking anything - fixed
reported - The first is that when you lose an auction, you still lose the money you bid. - can't replicate
-----------------thats all reported bugs again-----------------------------

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