Friday, September 30, 2011

Even more bug fixes the end is in sight


Lots of little fixes to go and then some complicated problems around the quest pop up screen as well. I really think I need to transfer that to its own .swf but that means probably a week of playing... not sure if I want to spend the time.

reported - Game hangs after selling a slave - I haven't seen this since the sell for money works if anyone has please bug
fixed - Slaves sell for way too much. In general it seems you can expect roughly twice the estimated worth. Sometimes you get even more - this will take some balancing but no longer will you be able to buy and then immediatly sell for more
hoping fixed - Sometimes pictures get stuck during the "home" view until the view is repainted. It happens particularly often with Haruhi/front/haruhifrontnude.png. The same picture is also particularly slow to load - not seeing it any more
reported - I'm looking in my "current quests" screen, shows Rare Coin and Kyouko's Curse, but only the second one shows text when moused over - maybe i fixed already it is working
reported - Training directly under assistant does not tire the slave. Unless you have more than one assistant, in which case training with the starting one seems to apply fatigue normally. Haven't tried with more than 2 yet, though. - think i fixed this already with the assistant stutter or it is just working now...
reported - Only way to advance loyalty seems to be buying lots and lots of presents, is this working as intended? - yep may need balancing

What's left -

If you have 3 of the same archetype slaves with 2 virgins and 1 non-virgin, you can turn in the non-virgin to complete the quest if you select the 2 virgins and then swap the second out for the non-virgin.
To better clarify: X and Y are virgins while Z is not. I select/queue X and Y to be turned in for the quest, but before clicking 'OK' I remove Y and select Z to be turned in, instead. The selection box thinks Z is a virgin, and even has "virgin" in black text rather than red, when in fact she is not, and by clicking 'OK' the quest turn in is complete.
Not a game breaking bug as far as crashing (or unable to continue) is concerned but, it is exploitable to get around the quest's requirements

--> After the toturial nthe NULL message appears parallel to the other message

- if you have more than one assistant, all the messages use the graphic for the one you chose at startup.

on hold- If you have 3 of the same archetype slaves with 2 virgins and 1 non-virgin, you can turn in the non-virgin to complete the quest if you select the 2 virgins and then swap the second out for the non-virgin.
on hold - At the blacksmith when I had him remove my slaves cow gloves after I enlarged her breasts it created a duplicate and put it in my inventory but she is still wearing a pair as well.
on hold - When you use a breast enlargement or fetal thingy it updates the paper doll to a naked image of the slave with smaller or bigger breasts but it doesn't put the clothes back on them. You have to remove and wear everything again to get the clothing images.
on hold - hold - When you sell a slave, Anarista can say things like the slave was found wandering the pit (i.e., the standard stuff during non-standard circumstances)
on hold - music at Home sometimes doesn't play
on hold - sometimes slaves do not appear during the bidding, so when the "sold" sign appears, it hangs in midair
on hold - Bikini top bra is not remved from doll when unequipped.
on hold - needs an option to quit/go back to title screen
on hold - cat maid not working // pop up is behind items... and collar is not needed for accept - no item given at turn in

If you see something missing mention it...


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Selling fixed

One of the major problems everyone whines about selling not making money is fixed. (Though the girls are selling for way to much.) That was hopefully the last of the major bugs I haven't had a crash in a while. Still lots of odd bugs out there but getting closer.

Also added some some OT:Conquest code back over to OW for multiple xml files to make adding your own custom items even easier.

debugging - added the OW:Conquest multi file xml parser to items. new file itemfiles.xml new file itemcheats.xml - some item debugging to allow for cheating - this will allow for easier player made items as well
debugging - added an ability to add extra items to start of the game to the xml. Not going to tell you what it is but i'm sure someone will find it... probably already has found it
fixed thank you to the vlsd on the boards for both the problem and the fix
fixed - no money from selling slaves... it was missing a ! that was the entire error...
fixed - bad rounding for blackboard now that selling is working added some rounders.

bidders paying too much for girls or not enough when buying



--- (revision 802)

+++ (working copy)

@@ -2804,10 +2804,10 @@

var stringy:String = new String;

stringy = "Collar Name: " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlName + ".
Arch Type: " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlArch + ".
Sex Type: " + specialsexName(cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSexName) + " " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSexTotal + " %";

if (cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial1Name != "none") {

- stringy = stringy + "
Special Training: " + specialName(cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial1) + " " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial1Total + " %";

+ stringy = stringy + "
Special Training: " + specialName(cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial1Name) + " " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial1Total + " %";


if (cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial2Name != "none") {

- stringy = stringy + "
Special Training: " + specialName(cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial2) + " " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial2Total + " %";

+ stringy = stringy + "
Special Training: " + specialName(cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial2Name) + " " + cPlayer.GameArray[girl].girlSpecial2Total + " %";


return stringy;



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Think the assistant stutter is fixed

So I think I fixed the assistant stutter. That was an odd 2 part bug that had me just scratching my head for hours. Basically what happens with assistants is when you choose all the game makes a small array of job choices adds the assistant preferences again and then randomly chooses one. Well it kept adding the job choice for select all as well but since it had already taken care of that choice it would just stop. But that wasn't all the assistant preferences that were being added were the text version from the xml parsing which would become 0 and since that is choose all it would cause the assistant to just stop. But that is fixed now. I think.

Getting through the major bugs slowly but steadily. With that one done I feel like the corner has been turned.


fixed - Wow found the furuniture stuff and it was built... but is only hitting on the first shift each day... - fixed furniture hits every shift now and only can hit every shift may want to change that later on. - checked, room, assistant, player
fixed - ****ERROR**** Unknown Counter type walktemplest ****** - there were a few other walk jobs that were missing too... fixed
reported - assistant skip or hickup always have chosenJob: 0... i think i have a theory... Okay this was a number of bugs at once. The first was that the assistant preferences from xml were read in as text and being converted to 0, the other part of this is that 0's can't be alowed at all since they're basically a holder for random job choice... But its fixed the stutter may be gone.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OW:Conquest Notes

I got nothing today so how about some OW:Conquest notes... These are the original notes doesn't mean anything tell there added.

Combat Start -> Events -> Battle (Events!!! in battle) ->Battle End -> victory gains -> Events!

Title -> Options ->Story or events->World ->enemy Attacks->events ->Training


(map view clicking on a controlled territory will go to that territory and governor's view)

->Assign Governors
--->Industry (pop %) - Make More money per population (this should be cumulative)
--->Fortification (pop %) - Defense Bonus (this should be cumulative)
--->Relax (pop %) - reduces unrest
--->Troop Outfit (pop % limited!) - make goods to increase over all strength of specialty units.
--->Troop Recruit - Takes away population costs money
--->Troop Train (Mil %) - Better troops
------->Specialty units!!!! (though might be easier to make these princess specific)
---->Troop Rest (Mil %) - Rested troops fight better
---->Military Police (Mil %) - Reduce Unrest and catch Spies... lowers training slowly
--->Taxes (casual setting 6 or 7 average...)
--->Unhappiness / Insurrection
--->Spying (cost cash requires spies or ninjas)
--->(not sure how deep this should go)
->Attack (auto or leader)
->Move Troops
->Take a walk (not sure about this one)
->Academies (train princess/queen in governor skills)
->Store (Just one this should be simple)


Specialty Units

Maybe each territory can only make grunts and one type of specialty unit. So in deep forests you get archers etc those these armies can be traded but a general can only command one type! Also as you got in deeper in the map the specialty units will become more powerful. So you will be fighting archers vs. Super archers etc. Though by conquering that land you will get the better unit... but no troops in it.


Map lay out

Hex with different terrain for each kingdom. Also would like to do unclaimed kingdoms with monster generals. Water Hexs too. Maybe groups of small hexs with control. That should solve the rance issue. A governor then can control all connecting hexes only. I like that idea. Why not do Large Hex and then smaller map hex.

Change Hex to square.

Large Kingdom Map -> Local Control Map -> Local Square.

Local Control Maps

Castle and then 6 smaller hex connected areas. You have defeat all of the smaller hex areas before challenging the castle, Water hexs don't count.



Knight - Pure Military genius' no real governor bonuses
Princess - balance between military and governor
Queen - best at governor, poor military
Shinobi - spies, sabotage, military, no governorship
Monster - military can govern but with a penalty to unhappiness... but maybe no revolts... though population would decline :)


Leader Stats

(I really don't see a reason to make these overly complicated.)


Lets consider the leaders to be like items for now they give bonuses to there troops and can use special abilities.

Moral Bonus
ATK Bonus
Def Bonus
AGL Bonus
MATK Bonus
MDef Bonus



Reputation - Good / Evil
Bonuses to most governor tasks



(Probably will need 3 levels of training or something)


Lei Lines

Each area you conquer will provide more lei lines that can be routed to the mirror. Will determine number of people you can control. May also determine number of attacks.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Furniture Bugs...

It appears that furniture may have been forgotten in the actual usage. So was working on that last night and didn't quite get it finished. But got some other furniture bugs fixed.

Thank goodness its weekend with more disgaia.

fixed - I've placed the starting Potted Plant in my room (not in any of the regular rooms). If I click on the (blank) character portrait, it doesn't show in the four-square furniture grid in the lower right, but if I click on the green furniture button, I see it in the master bedroom. - problem with updates and not updating originally when using the combobox
fixed - Hmm also assistant furniture items are riding high - easy fix once i found the function... left some notes where it is...
reported - When so placed, the +1 sanity effect only seems to happen if I do certain things, like take them out to work in the green, and not others like talk with them. - as far as I can tell there is nothing in the game that actually checks furntiure and changes stats any more... got this about 1/2 done but still not working something for the next night

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oddly enough more bugs...

Still more bug fixes. It seems like every time I check the board there are more bugs that need fixing. And well until there all dead not going to do another bugged release. Also cheer on compuscribe over on the board as he gets saving fixed.

reported - The bolded text for class changes says "screw up" - Can not locate it doesn't seem to be during a class change... More info required
Apparently it only comes up if you don't name your assistant.
Turn on prefs - assistant's name is "Annabelle" during character creation - bolded text during class changes says "Annabelle"
Turn off prefs - assistant's name is "Angel" during character creation - bolded text during class changes says "screw up"
-- i tried all of these and could not replicate.
updated -

fixed - love is in the air with a new function
checking: 203
checking: 2000
no class definition for girls/Kallen/front/frontnude.png
picture_list.get_picture: returning null
find job in list [object TalkJobs]
ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property name not found on String and there is no default value.
at otherlib.itemStuff::Items$/findItemInCompare()
at otherlib.core::Girl/addEffect()
at Main/loveChance()
at Main/eventJobs()
at Main/events()
at Main/findJobInList()


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eh.. bugs

I always feel sorry for Asagi she is the Nippon Ichi whipping girl.

Every time I look there are more bugs rather then less but just keep chipping away.


fixed - if the slave you are training yourself is sick it shows "I screwed up double check instance167263 [object EffectSick]" if you hover over the symbol for the only available training
(i will insert "////" where the last displayed text was - it wraps after 3 lines so if i can change that to 5-6 it would make nearly everything i posted below really stupid...)
Blowjob training has several messages that are to long for one window (looks like it´s nearly every message - i missed a few if she doesn´t like it so the list in incomplete right now)

<"Yes, Master." Dutifully she pulls down your pants, takes your cock in her mouth... and gives you one of the worst blowjobs of your life. Afterwards she looks //// miserable as you tell her all the things she did wrong, but listens dutifully.>
<"Of course, Master!" She's enthusiastic, at least, and while she still has hardly any idea of what she's doing, every so often she manages to lick you *just* right, or //// swallow at *just* the right time, to make her ministrations a bit more enjoyable than a sharp stick in the eye.>
<"Certainly, Master!" Her desire to learn is impossible to doubt, but too much enthusiasm can be worse than none at all. In her haste to wrap her lips around your shaft she learns the hard way why deepthroating a //// cock is trickier than it looks. By the time she's feeling better, you've gotten bored, and aren't in the mood any longer.>

Same with the Straight Sex Training with a minimum of fuss the slave spreads her legs for you, obediently fucking you... but the results are less than satisfying. She's so wrapped up in how your cock makes *her* feel that she doesn't have the //// attention to devote to making *you* feel good, the way a proper slave girl should. She writhes beneath you with passion and enthusiasm, but she's got a long ways yet to go.
Boooooring. Who would have ever thought that *fucking* could be *dull?* The girl just lies there, occasionally gasping with either pain or pleasure as you thrust your cock inside of her but mostly just acting dull //// and lifeless. Clearly this one needs a lot more training.
Anal Sex Training:
"You need to learn how to relax," you tell the slave as you push your lubricated cock past her tight sphincter and into her ass. She nods quickly, eyes squeezed shut as she tries not to betray her discomfort, //// and... well, she tries. Give her credit for that much, at least.
though she still can't properly relax her behind, meaning you have to forcefully and painfully push your cock into her ass, the slave seems to genuinely enjoy being fucked from behind, rocking her hips back to //// meet you... and if she cries out, it's not entirely from pain. Once you've shot your load in her ass, she shudders as you pull your cock free, her ass still gaping invitingly.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Disgaia

Yes still spending most of the time playing Disgaia. That I would normally use for debugging adult content and that's becoming about the only thing left to do for Otherworld. As always there is a full list of known bugs and fixed bugs on the svn.


possible fixed - was still get crash bugs with infinte loop... I made a minor change i'm not sure if it will fix i can't reproduce it enough to verify its fixed
at Main/events()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
at Main/nextShift()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
at Main/events()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
at Main/nextShift()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
at Main/events()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
at Main/nextShift()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
at Main/events()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\]
fixed - Locking seems to work fine now with the hotfix but unlocking causes weirdness. Mainly the wrong item unlocking and turning into the item that was supposed to be unlocked. - confirmed... - that was a pain in the ass to find out the rather then objectname.slot... both now exist


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conquest and Modding

I'm building conquest the idea that modding shouldn't be an addition it should be the center of the game. Want to make your own world, story, slave training, and units, its designed for you. Or of course you can steal a lot from the other stuff already made. So as long as you hold to the basic premise of day conquest night slave training you can write your own game. No I'm not kidding. Everything is designed to be modded from the start. I'm hoping to release the main game with multiple stories and more added on. We'll see.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Text System

The first thing I wanted to make was a modular on the fly image loading text system. The Otherworld used an array hopper and did a first in first out system.
"line 1"
"line 2"
"line 3"

This new system instead of using a hopper instead does pointers.
tag 1 "line 1" -> points to tag 2
tag 2 "line 2" -> points to tag 3
tag 3 "end" -> points to end

The advantage is that we can go to any tag whether its text or EVENT! So that means we can do Text -> event (change screen) -> text -> event (add item) -> text with no visible change to the user.

Also it is modular in 2 different ways. The first its can be taken to a completely stand alone version. The link below is the exact system no changes needed that I use in the game. But running stand alone for debugging!

Text System

The other way its modular is that when you open the file you see that it has 1 books.xml that then opens up the 2 story.xml and story2.xml. This means if I want to write an entire new story or chapters i can do them individually in different files and just have to update books.xml with the file name. Makes for much easier organization and will bring us to tomorrows main topic witch is modding.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Official announcement ~ OW: Conquest ~

So some people knew but recently I have been working on a new game. Working title OW:Conquest, most likely that will change be for the actual release.

Basic idea is to combine two strong games and make up there weakness. The first is Rance VII an epic game of conquest, but you don't really get more then one sequence of capturing and raping the princesses. Then we go over to Custom Slave Factory that specializes in the capturing and Raping, but the conquest part is rather pathetic. Combine both of those and you will have the basic concept down.

Unlike Otherworld in where i was learning the basics this will be a lot more compartmentalized out by a system of different stages being layered on top of each other and hiding and disappearing. This fixes about 25% of all of otherworld's bugs right off the top by not creating layering issues.

In the above example that is 3 separate stages. The world, the floating menu, and the text engine in that order stopping you from reaching the parts that your not supposed to reach. This creates a lot of other programming advantages that become technical so we will skip

The game is designed with 2 major components the day conquest period...

Where you will conquer other kingdoms, improve your lands, recruit troops basic conquest style stuff. The above picture is just a working version. All images are xml pulled and on the fly loaded. More on this later.

And a night training time where you build loyalty with the generals, princesses, and queens you have captured. No picture yet.

Expect more info tomorrow. Be advised this does not mean that I am not going to work on Otherworld but I am shifting my priorities.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Hyping

Still just hyping tune in tomorrow for the official announcement.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Coming...

So as a few of the people in chat know there has been a reason for the slower debugging and releases. But I think its not yet time to announce it.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

A few bugs fixed

Still looking for the root cause of the stutter when changing shifts. IE where you press next shift and it fails to complete and time doesn't pass but when you press it again time does pass. If anyone has a way to consistently cause this bug please note it. It appears random and nothing is random.

reported - The cow corset and the cow gloves look weird with large breasts. I think they sit ok with the arms and hips but they cover the breasts in a weird way where they overlap. - this is an art issue and there has been some good board discussion on a possible solution
fixed - locking negative money - when locking it will say fail but still lock and take negative money - added return;
fixed - brand button floats above everything - moved elsewhere
fixed - 2 yukis appearing in auction block - that is fixed as well
fixed - There's also a problem in in returnGirlSlot() with a typo: bracelet is spelled braclet (missing the e).


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flonne just kicked my ass

Damn you Flonne I will get my revenge!!!

I want to thank Kenki for the add ons I have updated them to the SVN.

9/15/11 -
Updated add Kenki's additions
reported - Build 797: Morning shift stopped with error, but will start over if the "next shift" button is pressed again. - what job was being done??? I added some extra error handing so the item being errored will now be played.
updated - Added "top", to itemShuffleArray on line 194 in as Arnold suggested and the tops now appear in Two Snips - now standard
updated - music room, art studio, and milking parlor don't display prices at the carpenter. The price is in the text when the carpenter chick asks if you are sure and it is subtracted from your money if you choose to do it. Fixed the carpenter display on my copy by changing labelWidth on line 180 in from 130 to 150. - thanks for the easy fixes
thought i had fixed and i had - Cow suit gloves and tail get a "this location is not pierced when u attempt to have the blacksmith put them on.
reported - In black jack the reset should be changed to deal and hit. Also would it it be bosible to double down and split? - this is a place holder until more adult pursuits are put in.
reported - Also are dresses supposed to be loading in Two Snips? - dresses are on the out and need to be divided into tops and skirts...


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Basic game cleared... just another month of power leveling.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Likeing the updated chara world

I didn't really like the chara word in 3. This time around they added a lot more advantages including adding an evilality, upgrading the map, and of course gaining a reasonable amount of mana.

Still pushing on powerleveling.


Monday, September 12, 2011

I had a title but sold it for HL

The final final chapter supposedly... still haven't read a walk through but it seems likely. Some of the puzzles are just plain evil. Power leveling again.


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thought I should mention I played 3 for 2 months straight. Was the only reason I purchased the PS3 at the time. Currently on the 3rd Final Chapter... spending way to much time in the item world reverse pirating.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Do i need to say it?


Friday, September 9, 2011


Still Disgaea. Sorry.


Gah Late Post!!!

Sardines and 4 hours of sleep is all I need.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Enough said,


Monday, September 5, 2011


Hotfix it doesn't really solve all the bugs but it solves a lot. Save and Load are not finished use at your own risk. You do need the august bugged to use this hot fix. Also if it can be fixed by an xml change its not a bug. Just change it and post the change on the boards please.

HotFix Media Fire

HotFix MegaUpload

August Bugged 2

fixed - blacksmith removing items doesn't remove from doll
fixed - Cow suit gloves and tail get a "this location is not pierced when u attempt to have the blacksmith put them on.
fixed - chastity belt crashing game when put on
reported - oh and i just gotta ask if there's a reason why i cannot see all the text on some things mainly when the text box seems to small the only way i have found to read all the text is to be careful to click and drag selecting the text which, for me means that when i release the mouse button goes to the next text box. - text should never be this long if you find them bug them and i'll break em into 2
reported - - That one's too subtle for me to be sure, but I'm not convinced working the favorite (or hated) training has any effect on assistants' loyalty. - it it just gives bonuses to training
fixed - Used futa potion on belldandy and her sex skill changed to futa but the 3 sub skills stayed lesbian. Also 30 belldandy slaves purchased and none have been straight. Not sure if its intentional or not but the eros potion no longer changes a slaves sex skill type.
fixed - Buy a new girl. Examine her sex stats. Note that the numeric values shown are all zero, but the blue bars indicate non-zero values. Have her do nothing for a shift. Note the condition has not changed. Next shift, train one of the three sex stats. The numeric values shown now match the blue bars. Base + item = total only base was being added at start
fixed - Still some issues with char sheet VS paperdoll breasts : you can buy a D-cup slave with a A-cup doll. - thanks doc
fixed - rare coin causes large que length in quest scene

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disgaia 4 OTW!

Amazon has shipped out my Disgaia 4.  Just 2 days till it arrives on Tuesday for release.  Love that same day as release shipping for a buck.  Can't wait for the new conquest mode. 

As for otherworld not much done.  Will probably spend all monday night working bugs and hopefully kill them all before disgaia.  Or at least the vast majority.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Assistants mostly fixed

Two major assistant fixes, the crash bug was a bad variable that I think I got fixed. And time should advance again for assistants. Still have to figure out why the wrong assistant is floating but I'm happy with those other fixes, cosmetic fixes can hold for a while.

We are finally in the countdown to Disgaia 4, 3 days to go... 3 days to go.


Friday, September 2, 2011

And then some...

Nothing last night. IT department was on site. Plan on fixing the assistants tonight if IT allows. Don't really have that much to say.

Yes its going slowly,


Thursday, September 1, 2011

And a few more bugs removed

reported - I seem to have a hard time getting a class, even after many days of doing the same things over and over again. Could be just me doing something wrong - especially if the mechanics have changed. - is there a specific class not popping i can change classes with out an issue.
fixed - Stacks of items are always used/given/sold all at once, for only the effects/price of one single unit. - easy fix
fixed - Minor hiccup : the known skills are dipslayed in the task window, the known tasks in the skills window.
reported - After a while, the game seriously slows down on when switching from the "Home" main screen to the Town view. If I'm the only one with that particular issue - and that is quite possible - it's just that my computer sucks that much, so you can disregard. - More info need anyone else experiencing this issue?
fixed - ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property girlHealthTotal not found on otherlib.core.GenericGirl and there is no default value.
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/assistantJob()[V:\otherdev\trunk\otherworld\] - bad variable fixed
fixed - When assitant Says something Picture stays and block Background sometimes
fixed - Present from Assistant suddenly appears a second Time in Inventory don't know why

Just a few days to Disgaia 4