Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OW:Conquest Notes

I got nothing today so how about some OW:Conquest notes... These are the original notes doesn't mean anything tell there added.

Combat Start -> Events -> Battle (Events!!! in battle) ->Battle End -> victory gains -> Events!

Title -> Options ->Story or events->World ->enemy Attacks->events ->Training


(map view clicking on a controlled territory will go to that territory and governor's view)

->Assign Governors
--->Industry (pop %) - Make More money per population (this should be cumulative)
--->Fortification (pop %) - Defense Bonus (this should be cumulative)
--->Relax (pop %) - reduces unrest
--->Troop Outfit (pop % limited!) - make goods to increase over all strength of specialty units.
--->Troop Recruit - Takes away population costs money
--->Troop Train (Mil %) - Better troops
------->Specialty units!!!! (though might be easier to make these princess specific)
---->Troop Rest (Mil %) - Rested troops fight better
---->Military Police (Mil %) - Reduce Unrest and catch Spies... lowers training slowly
--->Taxes (casual setting 6 or 7 average...)
--->Unhappiness / Insurrection
--->Spying (cost cash requires spies or ninjas)
--->(not sure how deep this should go)
->Attack (auto or leader)
->Move Troops
->Take a walk (not sure about this one)
->Academies (train princess/queen in governor skills)
->Store (Just one this should be simple)


Specialty Units

Maybe each territory can only make grunts and one type of specialty unit. So in deep forests you get archers etc those these armies can be traded but a general can only command one type! Also as you got in deeper in the map the specialty units will become more powerful. So you will be fighting archers vs. Super archers etc. Though by conquering that land you will get the better unit... but no troops in it.


Map lay out

Hex with different terrain for each kingdom. Also would like to do unclaimed kingdoms with monster generals. Water Hexs too. Maybe groups of small hexs with control. That should solve the rance issue. A governor then can control all connecting hexes only. I like that idea. Why not do Large Hex and then smaller map hex.

Change Hex to square.

Large Kingdom Map -> Local Control Map -> Local Square.

Local Control Maps

Castle and then 6 smaller hex connected areas. You have defeat all of the smaller hex areas before challenging the castle, Water hexs don't count.



Knight - Pure Military genius' no real governor bonuses
Princess - balance between military and governor
Queen - best at governor, poor military
Shinobi - spies, sabotage, military, no governorship
Monster - military can govern but with a penalty to unhappiness... but maybe no revolts... though population would decline :)


Leader Stats

(I really don't see a reason to make these overly complicated.)


Lets consider the leaders to be like items for now they give bonuses to there troops and can use special abilities.

Moral Bonus
ATK Bonus
Def Bonus
AGL Bonus
MATK Bonus
MDef Bonus



Reputation - Good / Evil
Bonuses to most governor tasks



(Probably will need 3 levels of training or something)


Lei Lines

Each area you conquer will provide more lei lines that can be routed to the mirror. Will determine number of people you can control. May also determine number of attacks.



  1. I like it so far one thing i would like to see though unit attachments...basically a one of troop type that boosts the base units effectiveness in some way. A cleric or medic for example would have you lose less troops in a unit. They should be expensive to train or unique thru side quests.

    Also the thing i hated about the one rance game i played was that the general determined the unit type please get away from this and separate units from generals.

  2. Disreguard the second paragraph above went back and reread leaders...Thank you.

  3. Instead of archer vs super archers.. Make archers and grunts the basic units you can build then get the specialty units to be longbow men (special archers) and Footman (special grunts). This would make it easier since you really only need to make two basic types then change them later. I can see Mage unit (Special Archers) and Dragoons (special grunts) having special powers. Dragoons get a first strike for be mounted warriors and mages get some sort of casted power that takes more then one round. Just an easy was to take base attack styles of ranged and melee and then just adding on later.

  4. Really nice.

    For the Military police, wouldn't having say too much raise unrest, like if we literally had police everywhere I would feel a little uncomfortable, so like above a certain % would actually raise it?

  5. Checking out the "Spies and espionage" idea from Master of Orion (MOO) III will be a good start. Higher oppression (of the population) makes it harder for another to spy on the player. On the other hand, also increases the chances for protest when used for long duration of time.

  6. MooIII is never to be used as an example for anything. Terrible version of one of my favorite games. I & II are both some of the best strategy games ever made, Moo III was crapola. Just so terrible it ruined a great series.