Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disgaia 4 OTW!

Amazon has shipped out my Disgaia 4.  Just 2 days till it arrives on Tuesday for release.  Love that same day as release shipping for a buck.  Can't wait for the new conquest mode. 

As for otherworld not much done.  Will probably spend all monday night working bugs and hopefully kill them all before disgaia.  Or at least the vast majority.



  1. when are we lookin at a full release as i started to try and help you bug fix but couldnt keep up with it and quit

  2. I got mine yesterday from NIS america online store (which was the only one with option for the ultra deluxe edition with full 10 figurine set) so I have been playing it all day no spoilers from me thou

  3. I got mine from the NIS America online store as well- I didnt need the 10 figure set, but I got the premium edition =) Definetly the game Ive been waiting for this year- lets just hope those of us that havent got it yet dont have to wait too much longer =)

  4. pre-ordered mine MONTHS ago and having a set of the main cast plus Flonne (both versions)and prinny is nice I also found out the Prinny girl is only a premium copy thing cannot get her like the rest from a store (they are like gachapons you buy a unmarked box and hope you get one you want/need) luckkly the nis deluxe has a full set