Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eh.. bugs

I always feel sorry for Asagi she is the Nippon Ichi whipping girl.

Every time I look there are more bugs rather then less but just keep chipping away.


fixed - if the slave you are training yourself is sick it shows "I screwed up double check instance167263 [object EffectSick]" if you hover over the symbol for the only available training
(i will insert "////" where the last displayed text was - it wraps after 3 lines so if i can change that to 5-6 it would make nearly everything i posted below really stupid...)
Blowjob training has several messages that are to long for one window (looks like it´s nearly every message - i missed a few if she doesn´t like it so the list in incomplete right now)

<"Yes, Master." Dutifully she pulls down your pants, takes your cock in her mouth... and gives you one of the worst blowjobs of your life. Afterwards she looks //// miserable as you tell her all the things she did wrong, but listens dutifully.>
<"Of course, Master!" She's enthusiastic, at least, and while she still has hardly any idea of what she's doing, every so often she manages to lick you *just* right, or //// swallow at *just* the right time, to make her ministrations a bit more enjoyable than a sharp stick in the eye.>
<"Certainly, Master!" Her desire to learn is impossible to doubt, but too much enthusiasm can be worse than none at all. In her haste to wrap her lips around your shaft she learns the hard way why deepthroating a //// cock is trickier than it looks. By the time she's feeling better, you've gotten bored, and aren't in the mood any longer.>

Same with the Straight Sex Training with a minimum of fuss the slave spreads her legs for you, obediently fucking you... but the results are less than satisfying. She's so wrapped up in how your cock makes *her* feel that she doesn't have the //// attention to devote to making *you* feel good, the way a proper slave girl should. She writhes beneath you with passion and enthusiasm, but she's got a long ways yet to go.
Boooooring. Who would have ever thought that *fucking* could be *dull?* The girl just lies there, occasionally gasping with either pain or pleasure as you thrust your cock inside of her but mostly just acting dull //// and lifeless. Clearly this one needs a lot more training.
Anal Sex Training:
"You need to learn how to relax," you tell the slave as you push your lubricated cock past her tight sphincter and into her ass. She nods quickly, eyes squeezed shut as she tries not to betray her discomfort, //// and... well, she tries. Give her credit for that much, at least.
though she still can't properly relax her behind, meaning you have to forcefully and painfully push your cock into her ass, the slave seems to genuinely enjoy being fucked from behind, rocking her hips back to //// meet you... and if she cries out, it's not entirely from pain. Once you've shot your load in her ass, she shudders as you pull your cock free, her ass still gaping invitingly.



  1. if you wouldnt mind how buggy is this release i wanted to play other world for some time now (i have the February release and im just waitning till its not as buggy so i may enjoy it :3

  2. Eventually NIS will feel sorry enough for Asagi to give her her own game but until then she will try and take over every game they make until she gets one (which will probably have counter strikes from all the characters she tried to steal games from)

  3. When's the next release for Other World. Not to rush or anything! Just maybe a guesstimate?