Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flonne just kicked my ass

Damn you Flonne I will get my revenge!!!

I want to thank Kenki for the add ons I have updated them to the SVN.

9/15/11 -
Updated add Kenki's additions
reported - Build 797: Morning shift stopped with error, but will start over if the "next shift" button is pressed again. - what job was being done??? I added some extra error handing so the item being errored will now be played.
updated - Added "top", to itemShuffleArray on line 194 in as Arnold suggested and the tops now appear in Two Snips - now standard
updated - music room, art studio, and milking parlor don't display prices at the carpenter. The price is in the text when the carpenter chick asks if you are sure and it is subtracted from your money if you choose to do it. Fixed the carpenter display on my copy by changing labelWidth on line 180 in from 130 to 150. - thanks for the easy fixes
thought i had fixed and i had - Cow suit gloves and tail get a "this location is not pierced when u attempt to have the blacksmith put them on.
reported - In black jack the reset should be changed to deal and hit. Also would it it be bosible to double down and split? - this is a place holder until more adult pursuits are put in.
reported - Also are dresses supposed to be loading in Two Snips? - dresses are on the out and need to be divided into tops and skirts...



  1. Flonne: Eternal Love!

    (Laharl Takes life threatening damage!)

  2. Well for reporting stuff yeah the Two Snips only shows the panties, sotckings, gloves, skirt, and the maid apron, but none of the dresses at all. Also, for some reason the SFX from the Auction Block tend to go off whenever after going to it a whole lot, so I had to remove the SFX folder and icon so I won't let that bug me.

    Oh yeah the Virgin icon tends to stick on the screen at times even when you leave the girls stats page. It does dissapear aftera while but I thought this should be brought up as well.