Monday, September 26, 2011

Furniture Bugs...

It appears that furniture may have been forgotten in the actual usage. So was working on that last night and didn't quite get it finished. But got some other furniture bugs fixed.

Thank goodness its weekend with more disgaia.

fixed - I've placed the starting Potted Plant in my room (not in any of the regular rooms). If I click on the (blank) character portrait, it doesn't show in the four-square furniture grid in the lower right, but if I click on the green furniture button, I see it in the master bedroom. - problem with updates and not updating originally when using the combobox
fixed - Hmm also assistant furniture items are riding high - easy fix once i found the function... left some notes where it is...
reported - When so placed, the +1 sanity effect only seems to happen if I do certain things, like take them out to work in the green, and not others like talk with them. - as far as I can tell there is nothing in the game that actually checks furntiure and changes stats any more... got this about 1/2 done but still not working something for the next night

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