Friday, September 16, 2011

A few bugs fixed

Still looking for the root cause of the stutter when changing shifts. IE where you press next shift and it fails to complete and time doesn't pass but when you press it again time does pass. If anyone has a way to consistently cause this bug please note it. It appears random and nothing is random.

reported - The cow corset and the cow gloves look weird with large breasts. I think they sit ok with the arms and hips but they cover the breasts in a weird way where they overlap. - this is an art issue and there has been some good board discussion on a possible solution
fixed - locking negative money - when locking it will say fail but still lock and take negative money - added return;
fixed - brand button floats above everything - moved elsewhere
fixed - 2 yukis appearing in auction block - that is fixed as well
fixed - There's also a problem in in returnGirlSlot() with a typo: bracelet is spelled braclet (missing the e).



  1. maybe have the boobs as a separate entity to allow it to overlap
    or have a different corset just for big boobs

  2. Any news on fixing the "no money for selling slaves" bug? That's kind of a game killer

  3. I thought the random "stutter when changing shifts" is caused by the Assistants, when they do something random (to the slaves) like finding a gold coin or something.

  4. I hadn't checked on this game in a little while (work and all) but I am seeing you made great progress (good luck with the new game by the way!) - just curious where the latest building of Otherworld as? I am not seeing on the site and the link to the left says it is the February release?