Thursday, May 31, 2012

Failed to Finish

Was hoping to get these done tonight but didn't quite finish.  Still have assistant jobs to add... Everything else though appears to be working which is good.  Hopefully the hells willing will get to put it all together tomorrow and show you guys an actual new main screen.... One can wish.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More assistants fun

Yep data is finally coming in and being shown.  Still lots to go but by my count it's only going to take about one more night when I get around to it.  Probably won't be till tomorrow because I'm enjoying my day off.  I want to point out the obvious that most of the time this window won't be that huge.  It's only that large if you have everything visible and own all rooms.  Most of the time I think it will be shrunk down.

Still need to add player, empties, and girls.


Monday, May 28, 2012

More test then reality

A rough first look at the assistant bar... and I do mean rough.  Its still got a ton of just basic logic to go.  Though at least a lot of the stuff can be stolen from the previous bars.  Anyways this is how I'm spending my memorial weekend, at work.  So more gets done.  As this is the last of the bars I think we might actually see an all together main screen by the end of the week.  It feels like it has been a long journey.

Oh and I decided to build a debug bar as well.  Seemed like a smart idea.


When they smile, run!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Room Bar Last Day

Last day of the room bar.  As you can see you can now flip between views to see what girl is in a room or what job is in a room.  Which I think is a rather easy to understand interface and allows for quite a lot of visual non-text information.  My goal is always to keep text based information to a minimum, the human brain processes it slower.  For all those aspiring artists out there your more then welcome to play with these and give me a better design.

I say that this is the last day but the real nuts and bolts logic the swiping of girls between rooms and loading the room screen and all the other interconnection is still on the back burner until I get the master bedroom done.  Then will be able to bring the cards + button bar + room bar + master bedroom all together and do the interconnecting logic all at once... or that is the theory.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


Added some more logic to the room bar.  So that only the rooms that you want to see will be visible.  Not sure if it is an option that will be used... but hey its fun logic to figure out.  Just need now for the girl and jobs to be updated correctly rather then full of filler.  A task for another night.


We are now at the 2 year mark give or take a few days and have finally added the 100th blog follower.  I was going to do something spectacular but I decided to play Diablo 3 instead.  Two years in and slowly but steadily getting to a semi-final product.  I really think that this version will be completed before christmas.  But that seems optimistic.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Test rigs

It's nice having 3 different variations all visible at once makes testing a bit easier.  The basic design above si the one I settled on it seems pretty simple to understand but needs a lot more love to make it work for all the functioning I have designed.  On the good part it already all moves together the system I made with the previous bar works perfectly as a universal system.  Much better then the girl cards const line up system.  So more of these I guess as I add functionality.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Room Bar Again

So after some thought, I decided to separate the rooms and the master bedrooms into 2 different bars.  The reasoning is one, there long, 2 the interface for the assistants is a bit more complex and finally because when I add town jobs it will be easier to add another separate bar then to remodel the existing ones into an even longer version.   Also it allows better user preference in positioning.  So lots of reasons... use which ever one you like.

2 steps backwards, 1 step forward.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Room Bar

First look at the room bar.  Yah this is very rough as I'm still trying to go get my mind wrapped around it.  It will collapse to the size needed in the next version this is just displaying all so I can play with it.  Obviously also going to need some help from the art department.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


And that is about that will the button bars.  Will need to add the actual button events but will do that when i combine all the parts.   The movement went a lot easier then I was expecting just goes that the 6P system works well.  Now the left wing or the room bar... I'm thinking the room bar.  Not much else to say this is more plugging in pieces then put it all together in the end.  Though any artists out there who want to make it look pretty please help;.  I just through available parts together.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Button Bar

I plan on including all 3 variations in the game so it's up the player which they want to see.  Images are of course place holders but I think it gets the idea across.  The bar will be fully movable just like the cards.  As I said it's going to be your choice on how the main screen looks where items are ect.  Will probably add modifiable positioning in a much future update but this style is fine.


I have finally figured out what I am missing in my life...  


Friday, May 18, 2012

My Nightmare

Shuffling Cards

Still a little buggy we're definitely getting there updating icons work (for the first 4 slots... scratch head).  Health bar updates.  Every thing moves together, over all not bad.  About an hour of clean up I think and can start on the left wing.  That's about 2-3 days of work and then onto behavior and the other floats like the rooms and buttons.



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Made it to act 4.  Thanks Slobking/ Voldemars.


Still playing with the cards

Got the movement on the right wing done and some of the logic for changing icons.  Feeling rather crappy today so that's probably it.  Hoping to finish the icon changing logic tomorrow and then onto the left wing.  I'm still getting asked a lot how soon the next release will be and I have to emphasize that were not even close yet.

So much still do, and I wish I was playing D3 right now.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally got to act 2.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Server Down!

And server down...  I still don't get no amazon!?!?!  I have this sneaky suspicion that Blizzard is going to make me pay extra to play my favorite class.

What can I say with 15 minutes of play.  It's definitely Diablo.  Not sure about the skills yet though.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Waiting For D3

Just waiting for D3...


Current Status

So been a while since I actually showed progress.  A lot of the reason was because the cards were going through a test positioning phase to an actual pull in data phase.  For the most part this above actually pulls data from the girl class and displays it.  It also moves.... but will lose its wing if I move it.  The right wing is the replacement to the icon selector screen, that no one knew existed...  letting you customize your 6 card icons to your preference at any time.  No it doesn't work, one disaster at a time...

ETA to next update.  I expect the main screen rebuild to take another 1-2 months.  Rebuild the assistant and player screen 1 month each.  Add the counter 15 days.  Clean up 15 days.  So maybe in about 4 more months at current rate... oh and D3 comes out in 1 day... add another 2 months.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coding with no sleep

So do to a personal thingy I ended up going to work last night and coding with 3 hours sleep in about 35 hours.  I learned a pretty important lesson do to this... I can't code when dead tired.   I spent over an hour debugging this line of code.

miniSpot = cardStage.lenght - 1;

You know I think the worse part besides that it is 2 bugs is that flash didn't even throw an error when I found the spelling error on length and kept returning a 0... any ways

miniSpot = cardHolder.length - 1;

Makes so much more sense why the hell would i want stage properties... or make that mistake in the first place.  So I gave up...  got off work and walked home going to watch one episode of index II and my desktop had failed in a windows update, had no system restore points available.  After crying for a few minutes I went to bed.


P.S. Reformatted that box!  Must have good box for D3... only 2 days to go.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More cool new mod items


A new comer by the Spy has added these cool new items to the game,  Unfortunatly I think I have screwed up the doll editor for the moment and can't add tails.  Will get this fixed soon.

More work on the card tonight!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Null Night

Got nothing done tonight.  Last night got a bit of the cards from test positing to an actual working mode.  Added links to the classes xml (libs/otherlib/xml/classes.xml) to show the icons for classes using the data in it rather then just internal stuff.  This by the way was about the only thing missing from make your own classes.  Need to do a write up on that soon as I'm sure a lot of people want to add there own classes. 

Still lots to do before the cards are actually working with all the functionality I want them to have and that is just step one of the main screen rebuild...


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some More mock ups

After thinking about it why not have the rooms and basic buttons on floats as well so that they can be moved all around the screen.  Wouldn't that be fun?  Allowing the player to organize the screen and what he/she/it sees in a view that is best for them.  Will need to add some tabs to the room float and a much smaller version or collapsed version of the button float.  Oh so many ideas so little time.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Understanding the Mock Up

I didn't explain this well as I thought it was pretty simple but after talking on chat I realized simple to me is not the same as simple to everyone.

So first off we get a new girl.  Obviously she is our first girl so she goes into room and gets all room 1 jobs.  The CARDS ARE COMPLETELY MOBILE ON THE SCREEN!!!  Yes I said completely mobile can be moved anyway the user wants.

So our 1 girl lets have her do a personal job.  We drag the player icon over from slot into the girls morning slot.  The room then is empty no one is using room 1 morning so it pops back to available.

We add another girl but no new rooms... so were out of slots again.  At any time the player can select a job and go to the room menu to change it.
Yay we bought a room.  So now we there are more jobs available.  The room appears on the screen with those jobs and its up the user how he wants to move them.

 But first because I did the pictures out of order.  Lets have the girls switch a job.  By dragging and dropping the girls can change the jobs from one card to another.

Finally since we added another room lets put those jobs around.  Notice that the available jobs now are always equivalent to the number of rooms - slaves.  The same for the time.

I hope that makes sense.  Once again the cards are not in any fixed position.  They can be moved anywhere what I am concerned about is how to display the room jobs as well as the buttons etc...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Main Screen Mock Up

So this is my mock up of what the new main screen will look like.  Here's the thing I don't want to EVER do the main screen again so before I get to the actually final version.  I want to do some mock ups and am more then happy to get any suggestions or examples... examples are best to help that I have included a 

Layered version of image

to make it easy for those who want to play with positioning.  I should note its not really to scale.  the main image will be 1200 x 800.  the top bar is 60.  and the cards are 200 x 325.  You can rescale as needed.  This is definitely the were almost to actually making type spot of the process.  And I am not going to redo it again!


Monday, May 7, 2012


Zero Profile has uploaded Yoruichi's head.  Yay!  Which means she can be turned back on in the game.  Thanks ZP!

Add to that a new comer by the name of Edi released this AWESOME!  baby dolls.  This is some damn impressive work!  I'm psyched if you can tell. 

As a side note the SVN is broke at the moment as I rip out icons all together.  For those who have been playing with it I'm sorry.  

Both these mods are uploaded to the SVN.

(I have no idea how I got stuck in centered text... not liking the new blogger.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Work Flow

I think they are out of order...  Anyways thank again to Koffii who has donated his time making the backgrounds and consonantly adding suggestions.