Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coding with no sleep

So do to a personal thingy I ended up going to work last night and coding with 3 hours sleep in about 35 hours.  I learned a pretty important lesson do to this... I can't code when dead tired.   I spent over an hour debugging this line of code.

miniSpot = cardStage.lenght - 1;

You know I think the worse part besides that it is 2 bugs is that flash didn't even throw an error when I found the spelling error on length and kept returning a 0... any ways

miniSpot = cardHolder.length - 1;

Makes so much more sense why the hell would i want stage properties... or make that mistake in the first place.  So I gave up...  got off work and walked home going to watch one episode of index II and my desktop had failed in a windows update, had no system restore points available.  After crying for a few minutes I went to bed.


P.S. Reformatted that box!  Must have good box for D3... only 2 days to go.


  1. if at all possible when you get the opportunity could you happen to post a new build of the game? in case the worst should happen you will have a working build and not have to start from scratch + you can get people to test out the game for you

  2. Well, the SVN currently contains all compiled files and should load the game, even without building it in Flash first. BUT: The SVN is NOT playable at this time. Usually, the event system breaks after a few days of training a girl, or after learning a class. Saving/Loading is broken too. So, if you want to play the game, you are FAR better off playing the November release, as there is not so much to do in current SVN.

  3. Well I guess the SVN portion is kind of unstable at the moement, but I guess we'll have to wait on a stable version to come out of this. Although I wonder if Daisy would release a newer version if a stable version does come out at all.