Monday, May 14, 2012

Current Status

So been a while since I actually showed progress.  A lot of the reason was because the cards were going through a test positioning phase to an actual pull in data phase.  For the most part this above actually pulls data from the girl class and displays it.  It also moves.... but will lose its wing if I move it.  The right wing is the replacement to the icon selector screen, that no one knew existed...  letting you customize your 6 card icons to your preference at any time.  No it doesn't work, one disaster at a time...

ETA to next update.  I expect the main screen rebuild to take another 1-2 months.  Rebuild the assistant and player screen 1 month each.  Add the counter 15 days.  Clean up 15 days.  So maybe in about 4 more months at current rate... oh and D3 comes out in 1 day... add another 2 months.


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  1. Take your time D00d, Diablo 3 comes out Tuesday!