Monday, May 7, 2012


Zero Profile has uploaded Yoruichi's head.  Yay!  Which means she can be turned back on in the game.  Thanks ZP!

Add to that a new comer by the name of Edi released this AWESOME!  baby dolls.  This is some damn impressive work!  I'm psyched if you can tell. 

As a side note the SVN is broke at the moment as I rip out icons all together.  For those who have been playing with it I'm sorry.  

Both these mods are uploaded to the SVN.

(I have no idea how I got stuck in centered text... not liking the new blogger.)


  1. Those dolls do look amazing. I wish I had some sort of technical know how so that I could do something to help.

  2. same here id make futanari mods i really wish they was in the game