Saturday, May 26, 2012


Added some more logic to the room bar.  So that only the rooms that you want to see will be visible.  Not sure if it is an option that will be used... but hey its fun logic to figure out.  Just need now for the girl and jobs to be updated correctly rather then full of filler.  A task for another night.


We are now at the 2 year mark give or take a few days and have finally added the 100th blog follower.  I was going to do something spectacular but I decided to play Diablo 3 instead.  Two years in and slowly but steadily getting to a semi-final product.  I really think that this version will be completed before christmas.  But that seems optimistic.



  1. man i really like this game quite a bit though i hate sounding contrived begging or even demanding but i was wondering if you plan on putting up an updated version of your game so we players can test it for any hidden bugs that may be in it
    but if not i can wait

  2. the SVN version is testable; Not playable though, no saving, learning a class breaks event system, so if you can debug action script, go for it!

  3. This is Flash Novice. I can try to run the SVN version with CS5 if the error messages are useful.

    And I can't get past the end of act II in Diablo.

  4. Well, there are quite a few trace commands in the code if that is what you are asking. However, most of them are commented out, so you would need to uncomment them while tracking a particular problem. The one bothering me the most is the second one documented in the Bugs doc (a link can be found in the link bar to the left, below Otherworld SVN).