Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More assistants fun

Yep data is finally coming in and being shown.  Still lots to go but by my count it's only going to take about one more night when I get around to it.  Probably won't be till tomorrow because I'm enjoying my day off.  I want to point out the obvious that most of the time this window won't be that huge.  It's only that large if you have everything visible and own all rooms.  Most of the time I think it will be shrunk down.

Still need to add player, empties, and girls.



  1. So does this mean we'll have an updated version packed up and ready to play sometime soon then? If so then I do belive that it'll be worth the wait after all this time now.

  2. anon, to get the latest version you need to use SVN. the current version is unplayable and not worth the time.

  3. @boomarrows
    I'm very curious to hear in what way the SVN version could be considered more playable than the November release.
    In the SVN version saving/loading is broken and learning a class also breaks the game. Contrary to that, the November release is definitely playable.

    1. nonononno, the current SVN version is unplayable.