Sunday, May 27, 2012

Room Bar Last Day

Last day of the room bar.  As you can see you can now flip between views to see what girl is in a room or what job is in a room.  Which I think is a rather easy to understand interface and allows for quite a lot of visual non-text information.  My goal is always to keep text based information to a minimum, the human brain processes it slower.  For all those aspiring artists out there your more then welcome to play with these and give me a better design.

I say that this is the last day but the real nuts and bolts logic the swiping of girls between rooms and loading the room screen and all the other interconnection is still on the back burner until I get the master bedroom done.  Then will be able to bring the cards + button bar + room bar + master bedroom all together and do the interconnecting logic all at once... or that is the theory.


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