Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Understanding the Mock Up

I didn't explain this well as I thought it was pretty simple but after talking on chat I realized simple to me is not the same as simple to everyone.

So first off we get a new girl.  Obviously she is our first girl so she goes into room and gets all room 1 jobs.  The CARDS ARE COMPLETELY MOBILE ON THE SCREEN!!!  Yes I said completely mobile can be moved anyway the user wants.

So our 1 girl lets have her do a personal job.  We drag the player icon over from slot into the girls morning slot.  The room then is empty no one is using room 1 morning so it pops back to available.

We add another girl but no new rooms... so were out of slots again.  At any time the player can select a job and go to the room menu to change it.
Yay we bought a room.  So now we there are more jobs available.  The room appears on the screen with those jobs and its up the user how he wants to move them.

 But first because I did the pictures out of order.  Lets have the girls switch a job.  By dragging and dropping the girls can change the jobs from one card to another.

Finally since we added another room lets put those jobs around.  Notice that the available jobs now are always equivalent to the number of rooms - slaves.  The same for the time.

I hope that makes sense.  Once again the cards are not in any fixed position.  They can be moved anywhere what I am concerned about is how to display the room jobs as well as the buttons etc...


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