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The Church of Salvation

Updated otherworld.fla again and removed another 5-10 layers. Getting closer and closer to the base.

SVN Updated.

Doc has a new test of the auction screen up with a magnifier class that is rather interesting.

The Church of Salvation


Goth stone church, lots of sharp pointed roofs, gargoyles, and busts. Large prominent stained glass windows, high above the ground let in light. A bell tower on the left side holds an enormous, cast iron bell. A stout wooden building holding the orphanage is behind the church.


What you see from the outside is mirrored on the inside. Rows of pews lead up to a raised stage, back lit by stained glass windows.


Originally founded by *Noble Nun* who defeated the *demon* with the king. The Nun created a place for those who survived the horrors of the pit could receive treatment and help rebuilding there life. The Church had a rather peaceful, if financially poor, history for about the first year after founding. The faith based on worshiping a monotheism god, seemed to strike a cord with a reasonable number of people, and the charity helped with the others.

Then *Priest* pulled himself out of the pit. At first *Noble Nun* and *Priest* seemed to be a solid match. *Priest* was an excellent orator and would gather many just to hear him speak. His speeches though quickly began to insist that those who had come through the pit were sinners forced to leave their homes and go to Magmell as punishment. Needless to say that some of those searching for any reason that this disaster had befallen them quickly converted. *Priest* though continued to press harder pushing further and further about purification, denouncing the rest of the religions that had sprung up around Magmell and denouncing those that were not fully human as demons.

It was at this point that *Noble Nun* left the church.

The church (denying all knowledge and of course denouncing all violence) became more and more violent attacking non-humans, and non-believers. Then came the years of starvation. Any such rioting be it religious or not was put down by the king and all religious centers of worship were forced to move to the same street. For the church the years of starvation were even worse, what had started out as a charity organization, was looked on for help and instead received only scorn and violence. Food over worship was the priority and even more members drifted away or died of starvation.

After the lean years *Priest* had lost the majority of the followers he once had. Restricted to preaching only on Temple street, in fierce competition now with dozens of other religions, his power and influence waned. It was at this time that the state started paying charities to take in orphans and the orphanage behind the church was slowly built as *Priest* and his few remaining loyal disciples began taking in children. Through the use of constant brain washing, physical and sexual violence, the church is growing in size again and with a core of loyal brainwashed followers it is only a matter of time before new violence against the other temples and churches begin.

Those of the acolyte path will have escaped from the brain washing but not the emotional destruction that comes with it.

People of Note:

*Noble Nun* - No longer affiliated with the Church she now does charity work through the castle and is very popular with the populace.

*Priest* - Not as active as he used to be, he allows his followers to do most of the preaching and conversion for him. He can be found the majority time entertaining guests to the orphanage.

Zange - A product of the orphanage she can appear normal from a distance. But immediately talking to her will reveal that not a single holy thought goes through her mind. She is constantly making trouble for the other people on Temple Street. Trying to stir them up confrontations between the other temples and sects, mostly unsuccessfully.

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