Thursday, March 17, 2011

Instancing Character Screen

Character screen instancing, expect it to look a little bit different tomorrow as I start adding new stuff. Going to add some icons and place for counters.

Docclox finally convinced me to change up how sex skills work and that the slaves can learn more then there own tree. IE a non-futa can learn straight skills, and lesbian skills. A futa can learn all 3. After all its not about the slaves pleasure but skill... though I think there will be happiness and love mods. Anyways we shall see I feel that this may cause a bit of discussion.

SVN is updated.



  1. From my point of view handjob should be a category
    hetero hand job
    lesbian fingering/fisting
    futa hand job (male role)

    and blowjob should be
    hetero blowjob
    lesbian cunnilingus
    futa blowjob(male role)


  2. And perhaps a category for tits too with:
    hetero titfucking
    lesbian titsrubbing
    futa titfucking (male role)

    and perhaps cowgirl special action with milkdrinking involved