Friday, March 25, 2011

Player Screen again and again

Player screen again, added some more stuff. Morality has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. As I think its fun to watch your character slowly slide towards evil or good. Appraisal has to do with your ability to judge slave quality.

Redcape has been having fun making clothes. And I thought I would share you some of the papers (is that the right term?) with you guys so you could see just how much work he is doing on these.



  1. The paper dolls are looking all kinds of awesome. But those certainly are a random bunch of acessories.

  2. the Horo Beta for slave maker 3 is a fake just ends the game with quit spaming my fourms lol funny joke

  3. I love whole paperdoll idea, it actually makes sense. I wish to have a male, robotic, daemon and furry slaves, or anything between) Maybe it's time to make some art...

  4. Very nice, I've been wanting an appraisal skill. I'm also glad to see we'll have a variety of chest sizes. Looks very promising.