Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girl_Tester and Player Screen

Okay, so I thought I would package up the girl tester and let you guys have some fun. Now with Asuka thanks to lonewolf. Please understand that most likely its already out of date, I'm adding pictures to the princess when ever I get bored with way. But this will give everyone a compiled version to play with.

To change girls I've highlighted it. Also if you want to make your own girl you can just type her name in there or go bug the chat and I will build a version with your girl name in it.

Download Girl_Tester

My update for the day. Player screen getting some more features and beginning to show data. I don't know if I mentioned it before but Docclox has built up a way to change avatars (and yes I will fix the misspelling).

And Docclox's worked hard to get a new layering system out for clothing. Redcape has been pushing hard for more layers to do skirt and blouse and under where and garters and jewelry and... You get the picture. Should make for a great version in the long run, lets keep cheering Docclox on!


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  1. I hate my 40kb's connection, its sooo slow. I want to test this already =(

    ps, thanks for all the hard work =)