Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Docclox idea for the cards, not updating the main screen in the upcoming release but that doesn't mean its on the back burner. Doc calls this a Mac menu.... personally I have used a mac in a 4 years and i still don't understand why the mouse only has one button. But the menu idea is sound.

My idea on how to get around the girls being hidden by the slide show for this variation.

But you know what I think we should re-open the discussion on designing the main screen and see if there is a more brilliant idea out there.

So if you have a brilliant idea please post it, and pictures are worth a thousand words...

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Completely and utterly off topic!

The best anime series ever has been remastered!!! Even better its on sale right now... I purchased a copy and already have it on DVD. If you have never seen Revolutionary Girl Utena, you have missed out. One of the best sound tracks ever pushes a ritualized combat story that is part fairy tale and part mystery. Did I mention the lesbianism and incest. On and the princess of the Onion Kingdom (I love you Wakaba!).

What I'm saying is 40% off pre-order, and I don't work for rightstuf.



  1. Yay card!

    And now about Utena. Best anime ever? have you even seen NOIR?

  2. Hurray for updates!

    Hope to see more quests, character building, images, combat updates, and bug fixes when time permits!

    Redoing the presentation can be awesome especially as a designer; though it feels unnecessary and like it is bogging down the development.