Monday, March 7, 2011

Auction Screen Possible Remake

If you were to put Docclox and Zero_Profile in a room and you would always get gold. Check out the pic above of their idea for a new auction screen with timers so its actually gives an even more real auction feel. Got to love it. Also a first look at Zero_Profile's new bodies, the headless-ness is a feature. (And I am normally anti-amputation as a fetish.)


Instancing of combat and combat exp last night. Didn't get completely finished but was able to remove about 20 or 30 items from the stage.


As always come join us in chat the directions are to the left.



  1. love it it works ( not the hedles anputatiton wathever part)(i like the auction room thou) go for it

  2. need to ask how (or will you be able to pik if your slave is loli b cup ,d cup....) and are you going to inplement pregnency (like the protagonist if not female can impregnate one or more slave and have kids and things like that)and maybe the option to make a slave your asistant(cmac did somthing like that in his slave maker)also the option to leave your slave for public use forsome time (1 shift 1 day 2 ,3 and so on )

    sory for bothering you with my ideas and stuf
    but I wold like a ancwer thanks in advance

  3. Headlessness is temporary - fixing that now :)

    I don't think you'll be able to pick your slave's body type quite like that - you'll need to wait until the combination you want comes up at auction. There are some ways to change physical aspects of the girl once you have her. So yes, sort of.

    Pregnancy is in the works. Don't know about the rest, but you could try asking on the forum - link on the left hand side of the blog.

    -- doc

  4. Repose for it, have the arms raised and positioned to the dangling chains in the background.

    An overlay of a shackle should be rather easy for the screen