Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lots of little stuff

Furniture is now up and working, again. Yay. Player is about done, which brings us back to my original idea about a week ago of renaming all stats from girlHealth, assHealth, playerHealth to just health to make modifying them easier. The reasoning made sense to me a year ago not so much now and means a lot of redundant code especially in the combat system. So probably will fight that for the next day.


Offtopic stuff

Which reminds me I hate humans and got almost nothing done as my company keeps adding new accounts full of stupid people. Nothing like having to explain the same situation to the Grandmother, the Mom, and the Child, while the other person who works with me smiles happily because they don't deal with that account or 3 others of the new accounts. I'm starting to get seriously irritated and get much less done at work because of this.

I did break down last night and bought the new laptop.

The Rance translation team, has finished translating the second Rance game. *cough* if anyone has a link to download Rance 2 I would really like it. (Not the patch they have listed there).

Cmacleod over in Slave Maker country haws released a new slave Princess Daisy... So I'm declaring war on Slave Maker (not really). Please arm yourself and receive attack targets from your squad leaders.



  1. They translated the remake called "Rance 02" which is part of Alicesoft's anniversary compilation "Alice 2010". I say searching for this on your favourite eroge sites should give you a link pretty fast. Unless it is ok to post such links here, in which case I can probably give you a few.

  2. you can find working links of alice 2010 here:
    everywhere else I looked had dead links.

    should all be working.

  4. "Recieve attack targets from your squad leaders."

    Cybernations/Lunarwars nostalgiagasm.

  5. To arms! To arms! Burn their blog down, with LEMONS! >:D


  6. @offtopic stuff; how long is shipping? and congrats on your new laptop~
    you should probably invest in a cheap cooling mat with fans to insure your computer last the full 5 years.