Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Distractions

Got the bribery system fixed. Not that many bugs once I linked up the actually assistant text... I sort of forgot about it earlier. Oh well.


I got done playing with this little game earlier and have to say it starts slow but gets quite a bit more interesting as you go along.

Well worth giving it a try you will need a client that I have never heard of... get it here.

Have fun,



  1. Surprised you haven't heard of RAGS. It's one of the big interactive fiction clients (alongside TADS & Adrift).

  2. I honestly cant figure out how the hell to download his game. Very interested in trying it, but I think I must just be too tired/lazy by the time I get to finally sit down to dig for a link.

  3. @nenten It's on the download page :p