Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Offtopic ~ Revolutionary Girl Utena

Do you know? Do you know?

To see Utena Remastered and in 5.1 was one of the things I never thought I would see. Just truly wonderful, that the best anime of all time got the royal treatment. A special thank you to the Right Stuf for releasing it.

The first season "The Student Council Saga" is probably the weakest of the 3 seasons, but then again it is more of a prolog setting up the characters and there background. My personal favorite is the Jury Duel, "If you believe in miracles they will know your feelings." Truly an amazing and shocking battle.

Add all that and they updated the music to 5.1. Utena's music is one of the greatest things about the series, a different song for every battle. (I can't think of any other anime television series that even tries to do that.) The bells before and after the duels were just wonderful, filling my room with there call to battle.

The translation seems to be a bit different from the old CPM. I don't know if this is me confusing dubbed with subbed, but a few of the phrasing I'm familiar with feels different. And that can be a little troubling when your just used to the same phrases for the last decade.

I haven't had a chance to read the large special features booklet, but definitely a huge bonus. Since right now I'm re-reading the Utena Manga...

It has always irritated me that Be-Papas never did anything after Utena. Well except for "The World of S&M", retitled for English as "The World Exists for Me". Which is disappointing and almost incoherent. Maybe would have been better if more volumes got translated.

Anyways, if you have never seen Utena, please give it a shot. Official Web Site.

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  1. "...a different song for every battle. (I can't think of any other anime television series that even tries to do that.)"

    I believe Fooly Cooly (FLCL), although not as long, had a different song for every battle scene.

  2. I still remember one of my favorite quotes from that show:
    "How abruptly mercenary. But people's minds are such. The sun sets, the sun rises. Those who prosper will someday perish. And without basking in new sunshine, people cannot live."

    Not really sure why but that really hit home for me. Very quotable show.