Saturday, June 25, 2011

Item placement on the girl screen

So like I said I wouldn't get to it last night, then my internet sucked, and left me with nothing to do... here is the basic layout for girl items I am working with. My only real concern is that drag and drop has gone rather far apart. But in my opinion the girl should always be in the center, not leaving many options. You notice that the girl combat items are on the bottom. As I received numerous requests that combat items be separate from normal items. This is going to make some interesting logic in the long run...

Have a good one,



  1. couldn't you make 2 tabs? one for normal clothing, one for Armor/Combat things? so... maybe it would be to much to get 2 category of clothing (Normal things for the slave, an the Armory for fighting)

  2. Perhaps instead of drag and drop for items it might be simpler to just double click on the item and have it place itself in the correct slot?