Thursday, June 30, 2011

Even more updating of girl screen

So more updating of the girls items, not really that surprising or thrilling. But got remove items done, got placement of items around the gap done (and then just noticed a bug with it right now) got multi slots somewhat done. Working on removing from specific slot if multiple items and that should be an easy finish tonight.

Thinking about re-starting eve, a lot of work buddies are playing it now. As MMORPGs go eve is about the most different from any I have ever played. Which is a good thing it has resisted the wow nerf bat. That has affected so many games now a days. Plus stuff blows up pretty.

Fighting pirates,



  1. EvE is indeed fun, though right now the player base.

    Or at least some of the vocal minority are busy rioting.

  2. wow nerf bat? Never heard about this. Actually, which MMORPGs have you played, Daisy?

  3. The only reason I stick with WoW is because my guild is quite friendly and I enjoy playing with them and that I've invested many years (vanilla player) into the game.

    If my guild ever disbanded I'm out.