Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game Compiles and Seems to Work

So the game is compiling and seems to work. Not pretty but it seems to work. All thanks to Docclox. So many odd bugs that are going to have to be hunted down before we can even call it ready for debugging. But that's fine no crash is good.

Going to play with extends classes tonight and see if I can get it to work or just set them up as a normal class. Either way should be interesting.

Rance 2 is done... only around 6 hours. :( But the ending was awesome. Two thumbs up. So to stop the inevitable e-mails.

Wiki - I updated the walk through enough that everything should be doable until the person who was doing a detailed walk through catches up.

Thanks to Anonymous for d/l links

Rance Translation

Have a great one.



  1. much as you say it needs debugging before ready for debugging I'd really like to see if i can find a few bugs myself. To find their fixes though id need the fla. God such a mess to sort through the main file! Probably even worse now since youve been working on it

    anonymous pheonix guy

  2. also you put those rance links up in reverse order aka 4321.


  3. @anonymous phoenix guy

    The .fla is a lot emptier now I have removed over 300 items from it. Items and combat stuff. Hopefully will be cleaner as time goes along.


  4. That's go so fast, good job daisy(and the rest of the team)

  5. i'm glad maybe i could actually sort it now in order to help

    pheonix guy