Sunday, November 28, 2010

Combat... I ran out of silly names

So got it set up that enemies push back the dead. It was a bit entertaining more with sprite positioning then the actual programming or math. Yay.......

Now on to something a bit more interesting if you haven't noticed finally getting specialty attacks in place and SP (which forever more will be refered to as Skill Points). The game is getting better and better at selecting attacks and adding more variations. Still need to add more math to select attacks and more attacks, more attack sprites. May also spend some time actually making some animated attack sprites if I feel like it.


Completely offtop I wanted to point out that Darkhorse is releasing Omnibuses of CLAMP classics like Chobits and Card Captor Sakura for about $20 you get a 1000 pages. I hated the Chobits anime, the manga though is poingnant about its main theme of human isolation through Technology. And well CCS is CCS, how could anyone not love having a 1000 pages at once, and CLAMP is just MUCH BETTER in manga then anime, none of the nomal slow down either anime seems to have chronic problems with. Go check them out, there worth it.


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