Monday, November 15, 2010

November Official Version:

New Quest Turn in Pop up!
2 New Quests(Realtors Twins, Lace and Mew's Maid)
1 New Class(Cow Girl Tier 2)
3 New Jobs(Milking, Painful Lockdown, Erotic Lockdown)
50+ New Items(Just tons of new stuff)
1 New Slave Yoruichi
2+ working new effects(Yes there are a ton that were added but not working)
2 New Rooms(Dungeon, Milking Parlor)





  1. If you do not want to \ time \ the opportunity to write digging a reboot, you can at least unlock all the built-in flash works ...

  2. At this time you do at boot hangs flash game. Try asking the Cmac about how it's done in his Slave Maker 3

  3. 2 comments
    - it's not easy to track what a specific girl will do during the day, especially sleeping. Maybe there could be the list of the tasks somewhere on the slave panel for easy checking

    - is the planning that you can access by clicking on the health or happiness icon functional ? Ive tried raising cooking skill but never succeed.

    One bug
    - If you choose only tasks with no icons on the health/happiness planning you can't access it anymore on the house panel because there's no icon to click on.

  4. People should really visit the board and give comment/suggestion there rather than babbling here.

    You sound like an expert in game making and programming. Why don't you make your own bug free game eh,

  5. No one place is not an expert in that, just like normal playing (used to use the technique preserved, if something did not like the boots, but here such a bummer)

  6. warlord go fuck yourself. if you want a better game make it yourself instead of being a jack ass.

    Daisy great job on the game been following you before you released the proof.

  7. Warlord, you are aware that like 3 of daisy strikes characters are in Slave Maker all of which are practically flawless. Seriously though man, why do you bitch about it, be constructive. Daisy_Strikes keep up the work, love your characters in SM can't wait to see how your game plays.

  8. I have no idea how to download/open and play this. I've tried looking on the forums and the blog. Can someone tell me how?

  9. Looked like Warlord was trying to give advice on the game boot, though I can't really tell with his horrific language skills.

  10. That's precisely what I read it as.
    Personally I feel although this "Anonymous (November 16)" should be a little more understanding that not everyone has flawless english and must therefore use translation applications.
    "Fuck you" is not constructive. He was just saying that there seems to be some serious lag on boot, is all. Even said that Daisy should ask Cmac how he cut down the bootlag. Seemed perfectly reasonable to me.

    @ DreaminOfYou
    Read Warlord's post again. Where does he bitch about it? Read it without a hint of emotion and you will see what he says is not destructive critcism.

    I'm not defending anyone. Just trying to open eyes.

  11. I seem to be having an issue that makes the game impossible to save and load. Also sometimes after an auction if I sell then buy, the game will freeze. This has only happened when trying to buy the demon girl (forget her name), unequipping all items and penning before selling seems to solve the problem but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, HELP! My Cowgirl has gone insane and I can't figure out an effective way to increase her sanity.

  12. Daisy, I just tried this last night, and firstly I want to congratulate you on getting a playable version out. It's never easy starting something from scratch...

    But I did notice one or two things.
    I had one with House Pet and Maid specialties but decided I wanted her to be a Maid Whore instead, so I used a Lotus Blossom. Fine, that worked, and I started training her as such. But after a while, I got the option to change her speciaties again. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the Lotus Blossom was supposed to be one-use item? On top of that, in the selection box, the only option that worked (subsequent to first use) was the Replace (First Skill) option. The Do Not Replace (or whatever the third option may be called, it was 2am) didn't work. I clicked and clicked and clicked at it, but nothing.

    Also, the quest "Rare Coin" I can't wrap my head around. I have the fairy assistant, but the whip lady at the Auction Block says she lost it at the Green, which I must be blind, as I can't find it. (November release)

    I had this problem as well at one point. I surmised it was I was regularly using the Lock In option. As soon as I got the Obedience to 100 I stopped using it. No need. Plus, her sanity restored itself slowly... even with the full set of Cowgirl apparel.

  13. @Squark
    To do the "Rare Coin" quest take a slave for a walk in the morning or afternoon and there should be a pic of a tree that is the Green, you should find the coin there. Then just go back to the town and talk to Yuki agan at the Auction Block to finish the quest.

  14. notice that the 'Brand' effect lust will work as a 1-5 setting for sanity starting at -2 i used cheat engine to watch the values change obedience was also modifing happiness but only in the positive side. also the brand effect didn't work over 10k gold one time but i haven't been able to test that a second time yet. hope this helps
    Bored.anonz at google mail

  15. Link isn´t working! Please upedate!