Monday, November 1, 2010


Orihime in a China Dress, one of the original from the Orihime SM, but recleaned and relighted.


A small note Menace had a bug its been fixed. D\L links are to the left with the update. Basically you could train Menace forever if you never accepted the change to seduction route. This has been fixed, Cmacleod42 was a great help in finding the error and a truly great bug report by Kyzond.


So what did I get done yesterday:

Text that was edited is updated thanks to slackerfuu.
New class added cow girl. But need to add rooms and jobs for it.
New quest added Realtors Twins... I really need to name her.... as a matter of fact go here and suggest a name:

Pop up box will now turn red if the girl doesn't qualify the stats for the turn in.

Think that is a pretty good day but must of them need a little debugging the pop up has a crash bug that I finally figured out. The quest needs to be added to the quest window. And like I said cow girl needs a milking parlor, needs a not milked event, etc. So much to do so little time.

Just want to mention also that there is a rather good thread on the board as well for suggesting the trainer stats and equipment please give me your input I'm not that interested in a trainer compared to a slave so your thoughts will definitly help guide me.

Redcape has posted a new version of the character creation screen

Flagnine1 has posted a new character screen lay out too

I highly suggest to everyone to go over to the board and make some suggestions as we talk about these screens.


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