Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And we all fall... down

And everyone dies. HP/LP/SP smooting is all in place. Everyone and there clothes fall over and die.

Started a suggestion thread for what you guys think combat attacks for the different classes should be:

Combat Attack Suggestions

Flagnine1 has suggested this screen as the new lounge. And I got to say rather nice, upgrading assistants and there AI is on my I REALLY WANT TO DO LIST, a long list. Go discuss it over here.

Screen Suggestions


As a side note and completely offtopic but near and dear to my heart. DesuDesu has started translating Ane-Inu 1-6. One of the two series on my super short list I wanted to see translated. YaY! Make me happy please and go donate for its finishing. Thanks to Clef for pointing it out.


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