Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah! Misssed an update?!?!

First off apologies I missed an update... I blame the fact that blogger was down.

Second off we're about 3 days from the one year anniversary of Otherworld. As far as I can tell may 15th was when Otherworld got the name and was officially announced rather then just a bunch of test programs.

And so whats going on... Using Docclox rather brilliant pallet system, I have combat and exploration running in the same program to make testing going back and forth between the two possible. And it works. Passing information between the two is probably one of the most important things as combat and exploration are going to be clicking back and forth rather constantly in a final version. Not really that surprising. As you can see though I have been tearing code out of the combat, trying to hmm... see if I can break it. Almost ready to start trying to add in Redcape's sprites. As you can probably tell their is still a ton of work to be done, and then there's xml parsing that the attack tester was doing that has to be added... oh and updating the attack tester with the new sprites... and... not something that will be done any time soon. Also I want to rewrite the math all together for combat it just is to 1 shot.


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