Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It was brought up in one of the comments about how sets are going to work. First a definition, a set is a group of clothes that when worn together will give a bonus. How I am going to get this to work is in 2 parts.

The first is the actual item which will have a tag (set = "cow"), that's it.

The second part will be a separate xml that parses in the sets. I'm still a little shaky how this will work but most likely it will be a list of if, 1 item is worn in set, if 2 items in set is worn, if 3 items in set is worn, etc. Also it will have the ability to add effects if a threshold is met and to remove them. What that means is that if you have 4 parts of a cow set your girl might not lose lactation even when you don't milk her, or might get the milker bonus. ETC.

I also want to change items set colors in float overs and a few other things to make them stand out. As is my policy the player needs to know what stuff does or there is no point in it.



  1. Well about implementation, how about to create tag 'set' where the set name is placed in items.xml, which represents group of clothes, and then do another file .xml with all items listed there. Also, it can be possible to add bonus when set is full in .xml $)

    Anyway, cool thing to do!

  2. Something to consider: Either certain items may be part of multiple sets or there will need to be set-specific versions of them.

    Example 1: Hoof-boots; either they're part of both the cow and pony sets or you need two different items, one for cows and one for ponys.

    Example 2: High heels; definitely part of the bunny-girl set, but could also be part of other sets as well.

  3. I have only one question about that picture...

    I can identify (in order)
    Rat/Mouse,Cow/Bull, Tiger and Rabbit;
    Dragon, Snake, ???, and Sheep/Ram;
    Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and lastly Pig/Boar.

    What the hell is the 7th animal supposed to be? That on does not make sense to me.

  4. I'm pretty sure its the Chinese zodiac... and were missing horse so I guess it's a horse.


  5. It screams bear to me. But I agree that otherwise it matches the Chinese zodiac.